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that orange blossom scent by flickrBLITZshimmer that orange blossom scent :iconflickrblitzshimmer:flickrBLITZshimmer 3 0 Bearbie Commission by flickrBLITZshimmer Bearbie Commission :iconflickrblitzshimmer:flickrBLITZshimmer 1 1 poison kisses, spider bites by flickrBLITZshimmer poison kisses, spider bites :iconflickrblitzshimmer:flickrBLITZshimmer 4 0 Partybus Commission by flickrBLITZshimmer Partybus Commission :iconflickrblitzshimmer:flickrBLITZshimmer 1 0
Lonely Monster 25
They lay on the ground, gravel and grass pressing into their back. The wound in their side was weeping black blood, and they were just waiting for it to stop. They sat up, using delicate clawed fingers to touch it. It wasn't as bad as it was a few minutes ago. Down from a vicious gush to slow drip, the surface barely tacky. They looked back at the mess they had made, the glowing corpses of the monsters. Monsters that they had eaten, drank dry before driving a powerful clawed hand through their sternum and tearing open the chest cavity.
They stood up, looked at the sky and stared at the moon. They had called them, "girly" and "bitch". They vaguely understood those words, and felt along their neck and chest. Dainty limb, flaring hips, plush breasts and a flatness between their legs told them they were female. In their mind, they wondered if that was what they wanted. They closed their eyes, and visualized the world. Yes, that was what they wanted. She ran her sticky fingers through her h
:iconflickrblitzshimmer:flickrBLITZshimmer 0 2
Darjeeling Tea, if you please by flickrBLITZshimmer Darjeeling Tea, if you please :iconflickrblitzshimmer:flickrBLITZshimmer 6 1 Ms Darja by flickrBLITZshimmer Ms Darja :iconflickrblitzshimmer:flickrBLITZshimmer 5 0
Lonely Monster 24
There was no wonderful sunlight, or soft warm sheets that greeted the waking hours. There was a foreign perfume, and material that was not my own sheets scratching at my legs and arms. Nothing felt good or right. Sounds were coming in muffled or amplified to the point nothing was coherent. Whatever was happening was muted by the thunderstorm that my sense had translated them into. Fighting to figure out how to wake up, my hands touched cold... cold flooring. The rest of my body hung half off the bed, my head limp as my neck couldn't even lift it.
I tried to get words out, call for someone. There was that... blood in my fridge. If I drank some, everything would go back to normal. I tried to get something out. And it did. In the form of a viscous bubble came out my mouth, followed by a series of other... fluid. I fell from the bed, slamming into the floor and struggling to stand. My legs locked, both asleep below the knees.
"So you're awake." their voice came in like an air horn. "Now th
:iconflickrblitzshimmer:flickrBLITZshimmer 2 4
Lonely Monsters 23
When he had first seen her, Jared would have probably said he was smitten with her. Petite, round, a laugh that was contagious and almond eyes so dark the goddess Persephone probably blessed her. Jared swallowed the lump forming in his throat, a shudder coming from deep in his stomach.
Meela Amana stood at her end of the room, mere feet from him. And she had the same terrified look as when he bit her in the garage all those months ago. The fear bubbling behind her eyes was there, and in the forefront of her demeanor was anger. He opened his mouth to speak when a blur of black went beneath the table and across the room.
It mewled and pawed at her calf, trilling for her attention. Without breaking eye contact with Jared, she spread her arms and the cat jumped into her grasp.
With claws that looked like for eviscerating prey, she gently cradled the animal, stroking inky fur that was merely shades lighter from her own skintone. The beating of her heart slowed some, her eyes closed and she
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Centipede Queen WIP by flickrBLITZshimmer Centipede Queen WIP :iconflickrblitzshimmer:flickrBLITZshimmer 6 0
Lonely Monsters 22
I adjusted the earbuds and sunglasses as we walked into the small grocery store. It was a mom and pop establishment that had fresh produce from the local farms, and maybe some trade with the wolves. There were name brands of cereal and chips I had never seen. A monkey spooning large amounts of colorful bits, or the walrus that had frosted O's? Vince looked up at me expectantly. I looked at Winona who was looking at loaves of bread and peanut butter, so I nodded. Vince chose the walrus. Danny held onto the side of the car, looking around the place with a hint of nervousness in his movements.
"....There's only humans here." I said, my voice low as I propped my arms on the handhold. My hands hung, limp wristed, in the area of the child seat while I was propper up by my elbows.
Danny looked up at me. "....You're sure?"
I lifted myself up and listening and gave the air a little sniff. "None. Only smell humans. Wolves...." I paused to think of a way to describe them without being insulting.
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Jasmine Tea by flickrBLITZshimmer Jasmine Tea :iconflickrblitzshimmer:flickrBLITZshimmer 15 3 Akemi Ask 1 by flickrBLITZshimmer Akemi Ask 1 :iconflickrblitzshimmer:flickrBLITZshimmer 4 3 Super Mew Berri by flickrBLITZshimmer Super Mew Berri :iconflickrblitzshimmer:flickrBLITZshimmer 11 3 Super Mew Ringo by flickrBLITZshimmer Super Mew Ringo :iconflickrblitzshimmer:flickrBLITZshimmer 12 0 Tomorrow or something by flickrBLITZshimmer Tomorrow or something :iconflickrblitzshimmer:flickrBLITZshimmer 0 0


Hope you had a good Halloween by Tsampikos
Mature content
Hope you had a good Halloween :icontsampikos:Tsampikos 248 17
Indian Unicorn - Art Trade by LeeWhiro Indian Unicorn - Art Trade :iconleewhiro:LeeWhiro 7 1 Mansion Library (VN Background) by ExitMothership Mansion Library (VN Background) :iconexitmothership:ExitMothership 66 8 School Mansion Interior (VN Background) by ExitMothership School Mansion Interior (VN Background) :iconexitmothership:ExitMothership 218 18 Spectacular Spiderman 1 by jayodjick Spectacular Spiderman 1 :iconjayodjick:jayodjick 559 114 The Posse Minus Some by cheeks-74 The Posse Minus Some :iconcheeks-74:cheeks-74 1,907 225 Evil Lovesick Genius by cRoxoverGoddess Evil Lovesick Genius :iconcroxovergoddess:cRoxoverGoddess 353 9 Freaks by cRoxoverGoddess Freaks :iconcroxovergoddess:cRoxoverGoddess 288 10 Commission: Quatar by Lavahanje Commission: Quatar :iconlavahanje:Lavahanje 180 10 Crush Continued by Lopoddity Crush Continued :iconlopoddity:Lopoddity 3,080 133 Flea Bath by Lopoddity Flea Bath :iconlopoddity:Lopoddity 2,179 207 Love-Starved by Lopoddity Love-Starved :iconlopoddity:Lopoddity 3,773 218 Sharing is Caring by Lopoddity Sharing is Caring :iconlopoddity:Lopoddity 3,318 247 ''They Already Loved You'' [PMOL Contest] by RhinestoneArts ''They Already Loved You'' [PMOL Contest] :iconrhinestonearts:RhinestoneArts 648 23 Pretty Princesses by Lopoddity Pretty Princesses :iconlopoddity:Lopoddity 3,071 169 Fleet of Ships by Lopoddity Fleet of Ships :iconlopoddity:Lopoddity 3,099 175



poison kisses, spider bites
original dream way back in September 2016

this is probably loosely based off of the game-RandFox was playing (set in 1920s america with lovecraftian dark magic, don't know the name)

Starts out in an estate that used to be a religious college (complete with a very large chapel, dormitory for students, and a separate dorms for staff and church ministries) but was converting to a more secular college. Most of the land was kept in tact, nothing would change because of historical and religious importance, aside from the set up of the dorms (modernizing and better circulation/ventilation).

During the night hours, the buidling would be locked up and inhabitants were advised not to wander around at night (it's dark, there were lots of tunnels, people could get lost and hurt etc). During the second or third week, nosy students go to a restricted park of one of the buildings and break something.

Bugs start spawning in places they weren't before-- poisonous spiders, red and black centipedes, roaches, biting flies etc gross stuff-- water starts running murky or smelling funny, certain buildings loose power for hours at a time.

A new batch of transfers, coming in for the second or third semester, get bedded in one of the nonconverted buildings. The beds are canopy styled with thick, musky smelling fabrics. The wing was twenty degrees colder than the rest of the building, it was the only way to keep warm at night.

(let's call the main protag Kerena)
She starts having nightmares about dark, moist places and wakes up from them more times than not during the week. A friend of hers gives her something for sleeping and the day that follows was a full night's sleep. Kerena awakens to find she has been transformed into a monster.

Six arms, and everything below the waist is a giant thirty foot look centipede body. Black/brown segmented body with sharp red-orange legs. She vomits at the sight of herself. From that poinnt on terrifying things that happening on campus. More students are hurt in accidents, staff are fleeing or disappearing, food or drink are making people sick (if it's served from the school or packaged from family, didn't matter).

Keri's transformation keeps her secluded to her wing (most of the students have left, but she can't leave in her status) and her friends are the only ones that are allow to see her. During an exploration of the basement, a series of tunnels are discovered.

Certain staff havent left and someone finds out about of Keri's, and seem a little too interested in her new form. Through some physical persuasion, it's found out that students haven't actually left.

They've been sacrificed left and right, to a dark entity caged beneath the church. There are even other people transformed into monsters like Keri, some of them killing themselves in a bloodhazed madness, or from knowing too much.


"We will see the dawning of a new era, serving under the great God Delarent'e. And you, Dear Kerena, will usher in his children. Clutches of thousands, maybe millions of his spawn that we will serve happily with flesh and blood."

"....I didn't agree to any of this shit. I JUST WANTED MY VETERINARY DEGREE. GODDAMN."

The gate was smashed, the demons were destroyed, and Kerena and friends were turned back into their normal human selves. They could never erase what they know, but there's not much else they could do.

Kerena changed degrees midyear and transferred to Arizona.



flickrBLITZshimmer's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
joined dA during my freshman year of highschool. fell in love with it, and all the things on it. :iconjazmynmoon21:

I do a lot of different things. Writing, ceramic, digital art, traditional, paper crafts-- I dabble in everything and find what I like. And share it for you all to enjoy. You may not repost my artwork on any other websites. I have a tumblr, and post artwork there as well so you could reblog them.

Favourite genre of music: House Dance (late 90s early 2000)
Favourite style of art:
MP3 player of choice: my Huawei
Favourite cartoon character: Ryoko Hakubi, Chase Young, Amethyst from SU, Tommy from Power Rangers, Pizzazz from Jem and the Holograms,
I’ll be taking four requests/trades(two of each pls). I’m kind of in a fandom mood lately, so I’ll totally draw fanart or OCs from that universe (or just your OCs if they were in that universe).

I’ll reblog this post with udates.

ways to get a spot:

-contact me via comment or messanger
--please no anons
--no nsfw
that’s it.

have a happy memorial day guys!

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  • Listening to: I Believe by Christina Perri
or something like that. 
  • Listening to: CreepsMcPasta from YouTube
I made a list and posted it on Tumblr, but I never made a journal over here. Because not everyone can afford SAI, PhotoShop or MangaStudio. 

Alrighty here goes

GIMP - everyone knows about it. Comparable to Photoshop in effects (doctoring photos, burn, smudge, etc) and altering capabilities. Can make or load brushes. Supports windows, GNU/Linux, Apple and has various doorways for different countries to download.

Fire Alpaca- supports various languages. various brushes can be made (more if you know how to script write), .png files can be made into brushes. Recent update now lets you make gifs.

MediBang Paint- from the same parent company as FireAlpaca. If you are drawing comics/manga this is a bit better equipped as it has textures, tones and tiles. Supports English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. Can be downloaded to your computer, tablet, Apple Phone or Android. Cloud storage is also an optional add on when you download.

Inkscape - Vectors. Supported on Windows, Apple, and Linux/GNU. Note: if you have Mac/Apple, you’ll need XQuartz to work.

MischiefFree version: 3 brushes, 3 erasers, transparency, can move sketch anywhere. Infinite canvas. You can zoom in to a minuscule detail and not lose it to blurriness (infinite vector scaling).  Buying the full program for $25 gets you a bunch of presets, including color palettes, brushes, layers and the ability to export PSD files. Miscief has something called infinite Vector scaling, which was what I was trying to say above. 

Krita- a KDE program that has a lot of textures for rendering, can operated on Windows, Gnome, XFCE, and with some effort OSX. There is Krita Sketch, for touch device, Krita desktop, and Krita Gemini which is offered through steam. 

  • OSX- some brush engines are missing, there are a few bugs
  • photoshop comparable with limitations-Some brushes may load, but not the entire file formatting specifications.

Drawpile- community drawing program similar to iScribble or flockdraw. Enables saving, has pen pressure, layers, and can lock layers to specific users so people don’t ruin each others drawings.

And Here is an entire list of other artistic things people might find useful. Includes 3D and 2D animation, music for games, and other art programs.

I'm getting Lonely Monsters done. I have a handful of pages drafted, and it will be a few weeks before anything is ready for the site. The is a blog set up for asking the characters, and drawings. So stay tuned guys :heart: :heart:
  • Listening to: the Crystal Method- Over It (feat. Dia Frampton)

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