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day 00 continued

I was pinned between the hard body and the door. The metal handle jabbing into my shoulder blades while delicate kisses decorated my throat and shoulders. A lazy moan escaped my mouth, and a small laugh escaped his. He lifted his mouth from my throat, to show of deep red dripping off his lips. 

"You're awake," warm steam wasped off his lips, a coppery scent followed as he spoke. "I was afraid I might have killed you."

His lips met mine and the taste of pennies filled my mouth. It was warm and sticky, and another flavor, licorice, mingled with the metal.

"They say the first bite is what kills them... but it's actually the shock from blood loss."

I choked out a weak slur of a plea. His silvery eyes locked on mine, and he came in for more kisses. They were soft, warm, tender, loving-- I didn't want kisses. 

"Stop." I coughed, my arms pushing as hard as they could. It wasn't much, I was shaking and I couldn't control them. My legs started to slip from under me. Jared put out an arm, secured it around my waist, pulling me against his form. 

"I need you to listen, Sweetheart." he purred, kissing an area on my neck. A pain that exploded behind my eyes, then errupted out my finger tips in a spiralling pleasure had me weeping. I let out a cry that would have put a porn star to shame. "Hush hush. Not so loud, Sweetheart."

I panted, clouds of steam coming out my mouth. The warmth seemed to be flooding out my body with every pant and moan. I clawed at his sleeves, my vision spinning to the point I was seeing triple of him. 

"I'm not your Sweety," my tongue and teeth struggled through a pudding soup of words. I tried to push him again, when he put his nose to the other side of my neck. 

A soft request of, "don't move," had me haulting all my movements. There was a sound, like someone biting into a fresh, crisp apple. To my horror, it was the sound of him biting into my shoulder this time. 

"Had you said yes, we wouldn't becoming so intimate in a filthy parking garage, Meela," he breathed. "It'll all be over soon, Sweetheart."

Blackness was encroaching on the edges of my vision, and I was struggling to breath. From somewhere distant, I heard church bells ringing. Why were they ringing? It's... late. Is it really that late? What hour is it knolling?

The dryness in my mouth somehow brought me back to the ringing. It wasn't ringing... it was jingling. I had a landyard double around my wrist. My house and car keys jangled in my limp hand. The keys were tucked between my knuckles, but my hand was not balled up. 

With what little strength I swung my arm. The impact of flesh on flesh jostled me awake. The keys to the face made him release me. A scream that did not belong to a man echoed the garage as was dropped onto the ground. My palms were scraped, and I heard fabric shred. I scrambled to my feet and was off running. 

Every step sent an agonizing, teeth chattering, shock up from the base of my soles up to the top of my head. I cradled one arm with the one I hand used to punch him. My throat was dry, my tongue was stiff and stuck to the roof of my mouth. The cries for help came out as a wet wheeze, that ended in a whimper like someone had kicked a dog.

The ground tilted and the world was swaying as I ran. No one was in the lot this late. They were already where they needed to be, the casino, the hotel, the late night clubs-- no where near me. I was turned around, nothing looked familiar, and I couldn't read any of the signs. They looked like hieroglyphics and bounced around the walls. The cars were parked far apart, so there was nowhere to hide. 

"Meela!" Jared sounded upset. "How could you do this to me!"

I turned a corner sharply, sliding on a sheet of black ice and falling on my side. I hit the ground, but regained my balance running on all fours to duck behind a car. 

"Meela! Come out this instant!" 

I froze where I crouched, my body gaining strength from somewhere I wasn't accessing. I was hurting, I was very close to being blind, and somehow was almost standing up. I willed my legs to bend and I fell onto my hands and knees, slamming my already shredded palms onto the rubble. I stared weakly at the backs of my hands, skin cracked, scraped and the creases between my knuckles filled with blood.

"Meela!" his voice roared, but I stayed where I was, panting and crying onto my messed up hands. I fell into a sit, slapping my filthy hands over my mouth. "MEELA! COME HERE. NOW." 

It felt like someone was tugging my up, their hands at the base of my neck, yanking me up by my spinal column. My hands scrambled on the ground, my nails scraping on the concrete for something to keep me anchored. My fingers wrapped around cold metal, and I was standing. 

"Meela, Come to me," he said, sounding relieved. "Look at what you've done to yourself... You're a mess." Jared stepped towards me, my ears ringing with every step he made. My heart hurt, thumping away in my ribcage to the point I thought it would rattle my bones lose.

His hands touched the top of my shoulders, turning me around. His lips were stained with my blood, fangs poking out as he smiled playfully at me. His silver eyes were warm and welcoming, a jagged mark trailed beneath his right eye, dripping black ink-like liquid onto the collar of his starched shirt. His hands gripped my shoulders, I felt his fingers stabbing through my sweater and piercing my shirt and skin.

"Are you alright, Sweetheart?" I asked softly, looking so happy.

"...I'm not... your Sweetheart." I slurred, stepping backwards, trying to tug away from him. Jared frowned, moving forward to pin my against the car. My feet slipped from under me, my sneakers slick on a sheet of black ice. The grip he had on my shoulders brought him down ontop of me. I slammed on the ground, my head making a loud "pop" as I hit the concrete. There was a crunch, a gasp, and I was weezing. 

"You little bitch." It sounded like he was speaking with a throat full of phlegm. 

My hands gripped a piece of what used to be a lug wrench, the round end pressing painfully into my breast bone, while the flat head end was pierced clear through Jared's gut. My eyes could see it clearly, the world wasn't spinning as harshly. When he spoke, black liquid spilled out his mouth and splattered onto me and the parking lot. 

I shoved him off, and ran. Adrenaline flooded my veins, and I was running. The sections came in crystal clarity as I fought to find my car. The white mercury Sable came into view. I keyed the paint trying to unlock the door. The world was an adrenaline fueled blur as I tore out the lot, and drove my ass home.


Keenan dialed his sister's number repeatedly. He was just coming back from his Chicago trip, and wanted to know what she was up to. It was the weekend, so maybe her and Dominique would like to go somewhere. Maybe go sledding on the Isles, there was a fresh layer of powder to enjoy. 

"Damn Meela." he sighed, irritated with her. So he called Dominique, angry that his younger sister once again didn't have her damn phone on her. 

The teenager picked up on the fifth ring. "He-llo?" she asked, popping some gum. 

"I'm on my way home, what's to eat?" he asked, driving the freshly salted and plowed streets.

"Chicken soup, brown rice, lots of salad." Dominique replied. "Oh, and can you get some medicine? Mimi's sick or something."

Oh, so that was why she wasn't answering. "What's she need? Tylenol?"

"Like, get her something for vommitting... She said she wants gatoraid or pedialite?" The sound of crying in the background had Monique sighing. There was the shuffling of papers, movment, then a door slamming. "Mimi's been throwing up all day, and mom is really upset."

"What the fuck. Why?" Keenan couldn't help but roll his eyes.

Erica Amana was a bit of a hard ass, striving to be strong, and when sickness came into the picture she was hard to deal with. Got a cold? Tough it out. Got the flu? Drink some tea. Stomach ache? Eat some ginger. Head ache? You're a liar.

"She keeps asking what Meela ate, and she can't really talk because she's either throwing up or sleeping." Dominque sighed. "So just... Gatoraid, pedialite, and something to help her stop throwing up."

"Could be a food poisoning." Keenan said, driving en route to the house. He couldn't really think of either of his sisters being that sick. Meela was 22, and the last time she was that sick, was sometime in Junior High. They had shared a meal, and all three of them had gotten sick as dogs. "What'd she eat."

"That's the thing. Meela just woke up today and started throwing up. She slept all day yesterday. The entire day,  didn't even get up when I went in and shook her."

"Wait. What. How long has she been sick?!" Keenan was starting to panic. Just this past Christmas they had gone through hell when he needed surgery for abdominal pain. The entire ordeal was hell in a hand basket, trying emotional and physically for everyone, especially Meela who had been his impromptu nurse for most of it. If Meela was sick for days and not going to the fucking hospital because she was scared of bills, or their mother thought it was something they could push off-- 

"Iunno. Two, maybe three days?" Monique didn't sound too concerned.

"Give Meela the phone." he ordered, driving with urgency. "Pack her a bag, we're going to the hospital." 

Dominique's voice sounded distant, and then there was a gravelly weak voice on the line. ".....mhmmm? Keen?" Just that small phrase had her voice cracking. "hey."

"I'm on my way, we're going to the hospital. I'll call Ty and Paul and we'll get you a room within the hour." he said, his voice hard. 

"Don't." she said, her voice cracking again. "I just want to sleep.... I finally stopped throwing up." There was the sound of fabric, and muffled swearing. Keenan heard breathed, and spoke her name repeatedly to get her attention. "Whaut Keenan, I'm so fucking tired."

"Why are you sick. What did you eat." he demanded, familiar roads speeding past as he went fast enough to warrant him a ticket, but careful enough not to slide if he hit ice. 

"I don't fucking know." she snapped, her voice a pained whine. "I'm going to fucking sleep Keenan. I'm so tired. If you want to bring your doctor friends to the house with some drugs, go ahead, I'm not leaving my damn bed and you can't make me."

"Mimi," he ground out, using a voice of authority. "I'm coming to get you and--"

"You're not fucking listening to me and it's so fucking annoying." she snarled. "Goodbye."

The line went dead, and he cursed loudly.


I don't remember what happened during the days after the attack. I remember coming home and throwing all my clothes in the wash and dumping a lot of soap on my uniform before heading to the bathroom. Mom and Monique were asleep, and when I saw myself in the mirror, I felt like I was going insane. I was bruised all over, and my neck looked like it had been wrung with a bike. 

I'll spare you the gory details, but I looked like shit.

I flushed with hydrogen peroxide and warm water, then saline made from epson salt and warm water. You do not wipe shredded skin, you flush it and pour warm water over it to get debris and germs out. I couldn't go to the damn cops or the hospital-- what the fuck do I say?

"I was bitten by a vampire," the words come out in disbelief, because I was still trying to swallow what had happened. I vaguely remember drinking some water, bandaging my hands, knee, and neck, then going to bed with an ice pack on my head and a hot water bottle tucked between my thighs. 

I was in a feverish haze in the days that followed. I got up for something once, it was either juice or milk, then was back in bed. Nothing felt right, and everything hurt. I swallowed handfuls of Tylenol and Ibuprofen to get rid of the pain and fevers. 

Just when I was finally getting the right dose for the pain, and was ready to sleep-- the vomitting started. I spent hours in the bathroom, expelling and dry heaving. Between those awful trips, I was sitting on the floor somewhere, forcing myself to eat rice and bananas. Potassium for the painful cramps of an empty stomach, and carbs to at least fill the spaces. Nothing stayed down. I drank water to keep hydrated. I cried for part of it-- I could die.

I could seriously die. 

I was not getting any nutrition. I was not keeping fluids. I was putting stress on blood vessels and organs with every heave. 

Just when I was getting some rest, my stomach quieting from it's violent tendencies-- Monique gave me her phone. I spoke with our brother, so very tired and so very angry. Mom had been nothing but a pest during this entire thing, and now Keenan was asking the same damn questions as her. This time thought, instead of going for natural rememdies that just had been throwing up faster-- he said he would take me to the hospital.

We did not have money for that.

But you just said you could die.

I don't need it. I want to sleep.

Keenan almost died--

I hung up on my brother, shoving the phone off my bed as I curled up in my blankets. Monique cursed at me for dropping her phone, but I didn't care, I wanted to sleep.


My digital clock read 4, and the lack of light outside told me it was in the early morning. My stomach growled, telling me to eat. I didn't trust the fucker, and chose to go to the bathroom instead. I used the toilet, sitting in the dark with my head resting on my knees while my arms were folding against my stomach. My usual pudge was flat and my arms fit perfectly between my thighs and stomach. 

"I didn't die." I murmured, eyes closed. My mouth tasted like I had eaten something dead. I reached in the dark for the listerine. I brushed my teeth, and gargled, not moving from my seat. 

Didn't bust a blood vessel. Didn't go blind. Didn't die in my sleep. My head felt a little clammy and I frowned as I remembered my bandages. 

I pulled up my shorts, the fabric hanging off my hips with slack it never had before. They almost fell off when I stood up. I reached up, unscrewing two of the three light bulbs in the bathroom before flipping the switch. I looked like absolute shit.

My eyes were sunken in, and my cheeks were almost concave. My hair was disgusting tangles and knocks, one area I swore had vommit in it. The gauze and tape on my neck was dingy and dirty on the edges. I hoped to go nothing was infected.

I tugged at the tape, expecting some resistance because there should have been some healing that stuck the material to my skin. If you didn't change dressing periodically, you get infectiongs, and flesh that heals into gauze. What I found made me cry.

It was healed. Completely. What was there was a slightly discolored line, an old scar that looked like it was from a cut. Maybe three or four inches long, barely the thickness of a number 2 pencil lead. I checked the other wound on my opposing shoulder and found the same results. A discolored scar that looked years old. 

I moved my hand, shaking as I stared at myself in the mirror. I huffed, and balled up the front of my shirt. I tore it off. I slid off my pajamas and underwear and stared in horror. All my scrapes and abrassions were barely bruises, and my bruises were no longer there. I prodded my hip that I swore was scraped open when I slip on ice and skidded across the concrete.

I caught sight of my hands, and stared. I had.... Claws.
Lonely Monsters 2
Meela denies Jared what he wants, and deals with the consequences. The result is nothing but pain.
day zero: 00
Today was going to be a good day. The end of my work week, my paycheck was already in my apron. I was going to clock out at nine, and tomorrow everything was going in the bank. It was a great end to a great week. Someone had reviewed a few of my stories, and sent some awesome complements my way. Through on of my blogs, and a friend of a friend, a person asked me to help collaborate on a comic series. The weather in early January was a little annoying, but this year was off to a good start.

I just held the tray of dishes and moved to one of the bus bins. I dumped the load of dishes, half finished Pepsis and pizza crusts and went to the window to retrieve another load of orders. The Pizza Papalis I worked wasn't super busy, just the regulars coming in for early dinner and later lunch. 

One regular, a man that was handsome and chatted up the other waitresses rather easily, came in on my days. He would sit in my section for request, and every time before he left, would ask when I was free. He asked for my number the last time, and I'd declined his offer. 

"I can give you the world." he said, sounding a bit too much like Aladdin. "We can go anywhere you like on your next day off."

"Sorry Mr. Hearne," I apologised, setting his order on the table. We had known eachother for a little under a two weeks. I just... wasn't interested. "I gotta stay loyal to my one true love... An honest day's work. And school."

As I turned to leave, he grabbed my hand, holding it in his like I was his princess. Through the small bit of contact, I felt my toes curl and electricity travel down my spine. My heart beat erratically in my chest and I felt my breath hitch. 

"Meela, the world is your oyster and you only say the word I will give it to you." he said, his voice velvet and silk. 

Jared was handsome, looking like an Adonis in a suit was probably an understatement. He had dark hair that was combed and gelled back,but soft curls sprung near the top of his head then down to his nape. He had a medium skin tone, and features that made me gauge his country of origin somewhere in East Europe. Silver-grey eyes, long lashes, strong jawline, broad shoulders and fit form. He was dressed like any of the business men that ventured in our establishment.

Specially tailored suit that cost more than my car. The way he anunciated his words had me believing English was his second language. Which begged the question, why me?

So, not only was he well off, foreign, good looking, and well out of my league. 

A part of my me felt hazy, and was readily agreeing to his advancements when one of my coworker's gripped my shoulders. She apologised to Jared Hearne, but asked that he not lay his hands on me. I couldn't see straight for a moment, and was stumbling as she led me to the kitchen area. 

When I got there, my manager was going to chew me out for lolly-gagging and fraternising with a customer. I was conducting myself unprofessionally. I was shaking and everything felt wrong, before the manager spoke a word to me, tears were flooding out my eyes. 

"Please make him leave. I can't go out there." I said my fingers digging into my arms. "It won't happen again. You can even change my shift, I'll work at another chain, just.... don't let him touch me again."

They looked at me like I was crazy. I felt like I was. Two seconds ago, I would have happily melted into his arms, but right this moment I felt sick to my stomach. My skin felt it was crawling.

"Did he say anything inappropriate to you?" my manager asked, holding my hands. 

I shrugged. "He asked me out... I said now... then he grabbed my hand..." I was a blubbering mess. "I'm sorry. I don't even know why I'm crying."

"He was getting pretty handsy with her," the other waitress, Monet (like the painter) said, "It's not your fault. He was just... being a total creep."

One waiter and a few of the waitresses nodded. When I peaked out the window, Kaley had taken my place and issued Mr. Hearne his check and was being polite. He, on the other hand, looked concerned with what happened. When he turned towards the kitchen, I ducked, crouching low to the floor and holding my head.

I was still new here, and i did not need to loose this job. I needed this job. I... did not need this...Whatever this was.

I gathered myself after a few moments, finding Kaley, Monet, and Sharean looking at me. "What even was that?" Sharean looked at me.

"....I don't like being touched..." I mumbled, feeling embarrassed. 

"Like... at all?" Monet perked a brow. 

I was going to say something else when Kaley snorted. "You need to get mean girl, don't let nobody lay their hands on you." she said, softly punching my arm. "You're tough."

I apologised to the cooks for invading their space and work area. One of them handed me some paper towel and spoke softly to me in Spanish. 

After fixing myself up, I went back out on the floor. Jared Hearne had left, a scribbled out apology on the back of his check and a cash tip that looked very tempting. I... didn't want to touch the money. I didn't want to touch anything he had touch. Up until that point, there was a nice mutual barrier or light banter and smiles. Kaley was passing me, and I motioned to the table. 

"...That's yours." I said, watching as the hostess guided an elderly couple into a booth at my section. 

"But Meela, you--" she started, but I was already across the room, my book open and taking orders for a Gourmet Pizza and mediterranian salad.


I didn't have another nervous break down for the rest of the day, and the days I was at the restaurant I did not see Mr. Hearne at all. He did not come to the restaurant, or sit in any alternate sections. He did not come by on my off days, and it painted a very clear pictures of why he had come. 

People walk in all the time, flirting or being nice to the wait staff all the time. Some shook hands, and others that were friends, hugged on occassion. I had met alot of different characters when I worked, and small talk was pretty easy between us. It was just.... Mr. Hearne threw me off on so many levels. I had thought I had seen the last of him at the end of the month, almost a full two weeks after the incident. 

I was walking from the restaurent, in the business Downtown area (lots of restauramts, and a few blocks down, some dance clubs), to one of the parking structures. I had my old beat up Mercury Sable parked somewhere on Level 12, section H or J. 

"Hustle to the car. We go Bull Eye caramels waiting for us." I mumbled to myself, looking for my car. Little white number that could fit four adults, five if the people in the back seat were on the slim side. I had candy in the glove compartment that I munched while I waited for the engine to heat up.

It was proving to be difficult, as I didn't remember the exact section. 

"Are you lost?" his velvet voice was ringing in my ears. I turned at a whiplash pace, and saw him. He was smoking a black cigarette, the end burning bright orange in the cold and dark area. He didn't look intimidating, he looked like he did in the restaurant. Coy, relaxed, and mildly amused with me.

"J-just looking for my car." I shivered. I was freezing my ass off in this minus zero weather. 

"Perhaps I could help you?" I came closer. He was wearing another suit, the tie a deep red to match his black suit and dark brown wool coat. A small pin held his tie in place, keeping it from fluttering in his face when the subzero wind blew. It was some sort of bird.

I hadn't realized I hadn't said anything until he was close enough to touch. He held out his hand to me. I batted it away with such force you would have thought his hand was a red hot poker. 

"I-I can find it myself. Thankyou." I said, my voice small but hard. "Thankyou for the offer."

I turned to double back. Get to Section B or A, the Elevators were right there, and the emergency phone to call security. I was scared. More scared than I'd ever been in my entire life. I remember being a child, and after seeing some horror movie about sharks, I wouldn't go into any body of water I couldn't see the bottom of. I remember that that wasn't scared when my brother tossed my into a murky lake, but terror when something swam by my feet.

That's what I felt. I moved at a brisk pace, looking for the letters. I cursed softly, feeling like a idiot and seeing that in my haste I had gone the wrong way. I stared at the large letter O and adjacent P on the wall. I heard footsteps, multiple and at the same pace I was going. 

Turning around, I saw no one. I scanned the area, then booked it towards the end of the lot.

At the end of the garage was section X, Y, and Z. There were elevators, but yellow caution tape told me everything beyond the glass doors was under construction. I went to grip the handle, found it locked and let out a pityful moan. 

Tears were pouring out my eyes, and got frozen on my cheeks.

He is dangerous. 


He scares me.


I turned to find Jared Hearn, smoking his black cigarette, less than a yard away from me. His features were shadowed by the fact his back was to the lights in the garage, yet highlighted by the cigarette tucked between his teeth and lips. 

The soft grey eyes that moments before were elight with laughter and boyish charm, were now dark and deadly looking. He stepped closer as I opened my mouth to scream, he took a drag on his cigarette and blew blue smoke into my mouth. 

It flooded my senses. I couldn't see straight, and was gripping onto the door handle for stability. Hearne took another drag, stepped closer, pressing me into the door. He flicked the last of it under his shoe and ground it into the concrete. I saw everything, but the world was shaky and had a blue haze around it now. 

His hand reached out, harshly gripping my cheeks to make me look at him. I felt his fingers dig into my skin, his nails biting my flesh harshly due to the cold.

"You should have said yes," smoke wisps escaped his nose and lips. Beyond those full lips, that looked like they had kissed a hundred mouths and conquered many arguments, were a set of fangs that looked like they could eviscerate flesh.

And they did. 

Lonely Monsters
Meela Amana works at the local pizza joint as a waitress. She's met alot of different people, and does so with a smile. When one of the patrons gets a little handsy, things spiral out of control and leaves Meela in tears. Once everything is cleared up, things go back to normal, as if it never happened.

What happens when someone doesn't take no for an answer?
299 deviations
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and ideologically sensitive material)
Randy actually looked better from the nap. He slept for more than six hours, and I found him once again curled into my neck. Simmy slept fewer hours than her brother, a solid five.

Me? Three, and I'm sure I looked like garbage. Randy woke up when I began to climb out of bed. His little form was alert and immediately grabbed my hand and was at my side. 

"I need the bathroom." I said, tired. I wanted a shower, and I wanted out of this dress. I wanted to go home, and I wanted to be able to shape shift. "I'm just gonna be in the tub, you and Simmy can go back to sleep."

"Dun go." he said, his bright eyes full of anxiety. "Dun go."

I looked at the large bathroom just feet away from me. I looked at Simmy, then the little boy. "....You can sit on the floor and talk to me in there... Do either of you want a bath?"

There was a knock at the door and without much hesitation it was opened and two people walked in. A woman with her dark auburn hair in a bun, red catseyes glasses and bronze skin that was decorated in markings much like a cheetah. She held a clip board and a doctor's bag.

"Miss Sinclaire, I presume?" she asked, slipping her glasses off his nose to hang around her neck on a chain. 

I found myself between Simmy and Randy, eyes on this new stranger. 

"My name is Frigga Orleander and I'm the healer Alpha Alister called on." she introduced herself softly. "I was called because you suffered an injury?"

"Broken nose." I ground out, keeping my eyes on the guard at the door and the other large man slowly edging into the room. "I'm fine."

"You might have a confusion. And from what I've been told, the few days you've been here have left you drained and disoriented...."

Wait. What.

"What did you just say?" I growled, my head pounding. We were only here a few hours. Maybe a day at most. 

"I'm sorry it took me so long to get here, your brother-in-law's arm is in good shape and as soon as we fix your skull we'll--"

From the corner of my eye I saw the larger of the men running at me. Randy screamed bloody murder. I was scooped up in a pair of powerful arms and held close to a body of pure muscle. 

The other man circled around us both retrieve the kids. Everything went to absolute hell from there.


There was screaming, causing Brandon to run down the hall. He found Simmy and Randy bawling their eyes out, trying futilly to get around their bodyguards. They were powerful, strong, large men, that looked like they were made of iron incarnate. He frowned and asked what happened.

"They killed Sam! They killed Sam!" Randy screamed. 

Brandon's eyes widened and he turned on the guards. "Get the fuck out my way! Where is Sam!"

One of the guards held up his hand. "She's with the healer."

"She attacked one of our men." the other said.

Brandon tried to push past them, but his shattered arm was gripped causing him to hault. 

A man stepped out of Sam's designated room, the entire from of his shirt soaked in blood. He held his nose and moved his hand to reveal he was gushing his own blood.

The vampire, Logan stepped forward, looking from the children, to the teen, to his men. "I gave you one damn job and it was to make sure Healer Orleander and the Madam Alpha were in good hands." he moved to the man with blood on his clothes. Logan looked furious, and the amount of blood on the guard's shirt and face didn't help matters. "Why aren't you in there?"

"Frigga ordered me out-- The shifter-- she's fucking rabid." the man used his sleeve to wipe his mouth clean. "She did not like that we herded the kids out. She tried to headbutt me." 

Logan's face paled. The vampires who were working guard duty were some of the best assassins, warriors and killers. Their bones were as strong as steel, and mustles made them built like tanks. 

All conversation died at the sound of a feral cat's scream filling the hall. 

Everyone there hustled to get to the door at the end of the hall. There was blood trailing from one corner of the room to the hall, the comforter on the bed was tossed and torn, and Sam and Frigga stood, staring at one another. Sam was pressed to the wall, head lolling and nose gushing blood. Her lips were split open and when she saw the crowd at the door she made a vicious wild cat yowl.

Frigga's hair was undone, her blouse was torn and fur was sprouting over the exposed skin. She growled low, pointing to the bed. "Lie down." she snarled.

"You're going to hurt me." she said, her words sounding like she was congested and coughed as she swallowed her own blood. "You're all a bunch of liars. You're going to hurt me."

"Lie down so I can--"

"Get any closer and I'll eviscerate you." Sam snarled. 

Logan noticed the shitfer's hands were covered in stripes, her fingers tipped with claws. "I thought she was wearing a collar," he turned on his men.

The one with blood on his clothes held up a scrap of fabric. The collar of her dress, the inside studded with small blue irridescent gems. "...She wouldn't hold still."

"What's going on here?" Alister halted, gazing over the kids crying at one side of the hall, to the guards covered in blood, to Logan and Brandon who looked like they would start a fist fight. Cosma was a few steps behind him, holding a clipboard and a pen.

"Step aside." Alister handed off the documents he had been holding to Cosma, she slid them into the clipboard. As the reigning Alpha walked into the room, tensions flared. "Frigga, are you alright?"

"I slipped up. I wasn't aware she didn't know how she had been here." she spoke, not taking her eyes from the partially changed shifter in the corner. "She's scared and just made her injuries worse-- You saw Danny, yeah?"

"Don't fucking touch me!" Sam screamed.

Alister growled. He wasted no time crossing the room. Sam's attention was on him and the noise that came out her mouth was a high pitched scream that was crossed between a hawk and a cat. He easily subdued her, gripping her arms and pulling her close to him. 

Alistrer forced her onto his lap as he sat on the bed. He used her arms to cage her, crossing them over her chest and midsection. He put his chin in the crook of her neck, then readjusted his hands. One large hand encircled both her wrists with the other settled on her stomach. 

"I'll murder you!" she wailed. 

Alister spread his legs some and she slid betwen his thighs. She was caged by his body, and struggled weakly to escape. 

"Frigga." Alister ordered. "Get to work."

The Healer looked at her Alpha, then the girl in his grasp. "You'll feel alot better when I'm done." Frigga said, smoothing out her fur and hair. "Just.... I'm sorry, alright?"

Alister felt Sam struggle against him, and let out a series of strangled cries. He gave her a small shake, and breathed fiercely in her ear. "Behave." 

"You're not Donovan!" she cried, tears streaming down her face. Her dark brown eyes looked at Frigga, then Alister's questioning look. "You're not Donovan! You're going to hurt me!"

The thought struck Alister, so he explained it to Frigga. ".... Donovan's her when he heals her it doesn't hurt."

Frigga looked at Sam, nodding. "It's gonna hurt but just for a second, Sweetpea." she reached out, gently stroking her cheek. "I'm very good at my job-- I fixed Alister's eye."

She let out a low moan, causing Frigga to frown. 

"This was the one to tear it out," he said softly. Sam began struggling again, whimpering and crying. "You have to stop crying-- you'll end up choking on something and hurting yourself further."

Frigga's fingers began to glow. "I'm going to get to work," Frigga placed one hand under Sam's chin, then the other resting on the junction of her brow. "Are you ready?"

"I-I hate you," she sounded so forlorn.

Frigga smiled apologetically, then went to work.


Logan carried the kids in a rush to get them to a different floor. Brandon was following close behind. Randy and Simmy were already cried out, and were compliant in his actions. They hated him, yeah, but there was some sort of comfort in being carried by a fatherly figure seemed to calm them a bit. 

"Lacey was being escorted back to her room when Logan motioned her and her guard to follow. 

"Where's Sam?" Lacey grabbed her brother's sleeve. 

"Keep walking." Logan said, turning a corner just in time to catch the beginning of her screams. 

Brandon grabbed his sister with his good arm and all of them moved swifted down the stairs to get to somewhere out of earshot. 

"She's with a healer." Brandon said, his face twisted with emotions. Lacey gripped her brother's hand, looking at the carpetted stairs as they descended. 

Logan was about to turn the corner when he came face to face with his wife. "Why is Danny covered in blood." she demanded, "Why is everyone crying."

Reyem was strapped in a carrier, on Jass's chest. She turned her head to look at everyone, but from her angle couldn't see everyone. Logan knelt down and let Simmy and Randy down from his grasp. They moved to cling to Jass's legs, hicking softly and looking up at her with big puppy dog eyes. 

"....Let's go lie down on the couch." the woman smiled. "We can watch cartoons, and have some Juicy Juice."

Randy dug his heels into the carpet. "What about Sam!"

Simmy gripped Brandon's pant leg tight. "Alister probably killed her for hitting the healer." she murmured.

Jass looked horrified, then glared at Logan. ".....We're using a crystal. We're going to call Devonny and her husbands." she said, "I don't care if Alister is going to punish me. They need their mother."

"Jasmine we can't--" Logan started, but she looked at him. She was so very upset with him. Jass grabbed her diaper bag and pulled out juice boxes for the kids. 

Lacey sat between them and cuddled them up. The other girls looked at them and offered to play with them. Jass poured out a pouch of crystals onto the coffee table and began arranging them. Then tapped them with her fingertips. She motioned Logan away, the look she was giving him a "We'll talk later" look. 

"Stay here with her," Logan ordered Brandon and Lacey. "....Frigga will be down in a few minutes to take care of your arm. You might want to use this time to.... mentally prepare yourself." 

Brandon sat on the couch, cradling his arm in its sling. He watched quietly as Miss Jass called Devonny using a crystal lathe. There was a bit of crying, but he wasn't paying much attention. He was straining to hear what was happening upstairs, but the collar around his throat hindered his abilities.

Lacey leaned on her brother, frowning. "What?" he asked her, leaning back in the couch to try and relax the knot forming on the small of his back. 

"I called Mom." she said quietly. 

"And?" Brandon closed his eyes.

"....she and Dad are on their way." Lacey said, her voice barely a whisper. "And Donovan is too."

Brandon put his good hand over his face, hiding his eyes behind his fingers. He sucked in a breath, held it for a bit, then released it with a low barely audible growl. "....fucking... hell...." 

Things were just getting better and better.


Jazzy Jazz
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joined dA during my freshman year of highschool. fell in love with it, and all the things on it. :iconjazmynmoon21: I'm currently obsessed with 80s fashion, like Jem and the Holograms. I love Thai, Japanese, and Filipino food. I do not like food where people don't know how to use curry. I work in Photoshop, SAI and MS Paint. Half the time when I comment, I do not capitalize.

I am also an amateur writer. I write how I speak and it is exciting, clich'e and probably grammatically incorrect.

I also have beautiful hair. :iconiloveitplz:

Current Residence: city of the Tiger
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Large.
Favourite genre of music: lots.
Favourite style of art: lots.
MP3 player of choice: iPod mini
Favourite cartoon character: Ryoko Hakubi, Chase Young
Personal Quote: "We have strawberries! Fuck yeah!"
I got a Princess Ai coloring book, and that put me in the mood to do some lineart. 
things I'm gonna do:
  • story requests (halfway done with most of them)
  • tutorial on how I colored the Nouveau/Mucha style pictures (got quite a few inquiries, so I'm happy to share what I know)
  • manga linearts
there are other stuff, but I can't really think of them off the top of my head. Feel free to ask about commissions and trades. Requests are on closed. I'll probably open them when I get the stories done. 

Happy Holidays Chicadees~!
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recap over the last few weeks:

  • went to a con
  • reached money goal for new tablet
  • had to go to the clinic
  • spent all money on healthcare
  • changed diet, sleeping patterns, got better/healthy
  • bought extensively cheaper tablet with what was left
  • starting school in a couple weeks
  • tornado warnings.
thassit. peace out.
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I need a new tablet/Laptop. The one I’m looking at is $150, maybe less if I shop around. I’m just really tired of using my brother’s laptop for typing papers and my sister’s tablet for work.

You can see all my stuff at my deviantART. I will be offering traditionals and digitals. 

can draw:

  • anime
  • original characters
  • Anthropomorphic/Weres
  • monsters/Gore
  • Chibis/Distorted Proportions
  • Ferals/Animals
  • SFW and NSFW

Pencil and Inks- $1-10, Double details $5-15 

Colored pencils- $5-15, Double details $10-20

Digitals- full colored,

  • SD/Chibi-$5
  • headshot/busts-$10
  • waist ups- $15-20
  • full bodies-$25+
  • profiles and such will start at $35 and cap at $55, and include two full bodies, three detail close ups and two head shots

Other things

  1. Shading is free and all you have to do is ask.
  2. backgrounds will be $5 for minor (Princess Serenity), $10 if it’s detailed.
  3. I am open to negotiate, but be in mind that I am doing this for a goal

I’ve reached 145 watchers, and in the future will hold an art raffle. For me to do that, I’d need my own work space (hence the new tablet shopping) and this would be really good considering I’m going to college and it would also help pay for things like books, my courses and other stuff. 

reblogs and boosts would be nice. thanks for the time.

I also do comic pages

  • Traditional-b/w $10-12
  • Traditional-colored $12-15
  • Digitals-$15+

added styles:

  • MLP
  • Adventure time
  • Surreallism
  • Disney-esque
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