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I was asleep, and knew I was asleep. My head was a big hall, lined with doors and bookshelves that reached a ceiling that was basically non-existant. I hummed, moving to a wall that looked like it was missing a few shelves, and the other side was a void of space with things floating about in a see of nothingness.

"Jeez.... I didn't think the gap would be this big." I grumbled, sitting down at a chair before a large loom. Before I went to work wheezing a new barrier, a phone rang in the distance. After a few minutes of peddling the ancient machine and spinning out new "thread" for the wall, I realised, I never synthesized a phone here. 

I kept memories, thoughts, my forms, and their mechanics behind the doors, and various other information in the books. I frowned, then stood up. I walked down one end of the hall, then back down the end I cam from. I found the ringing coming from the pile of debris next to the hole. 

"Hold on hold on hold on!" I said, pushing stacks of books aside, and shoving a broken door aside. Sitting on the floor, was the most beautiful phone I had ever laid eyes on. It was dainty, and ornate, the body looking like it was crafted from a pure silver (or at least silver plated) music box. The cradle stood five or six inches above the body, holding the reciever delicately like it was ready to fall. The cord was an ivory cream color, matching rotary pad and sections of the reciever. 

I stared at the phone, then snatched it up quickly. "....Hello?"

"Wow," a masculine voice let out a sigh of relief, "I didn't think I'd get through." 

I knelt in front of the phone, holding the large receiver to my head.

"Oh. Hey Donovan." I said, looking out the hole and spotting the cord that led into the void. "What's up?"

"We need to talk." he said, sounding stressed, "Is now a good time for you? I'm not interrupting some dream am I?"

I pulled the phone away from my face and stared at it. I shrugged my shoulders and put my ear back to the device. "I was just fixing my barriers. What's up?"

"Please don't do that." he sounded hurt.

"....I need to bro; there is a giant hole in my head." I stuck my head out, and looked up and down. The illussion of a wall had a gaping hole that was twelve feet high and fifteen feet wide, the edges varying but not going beyond those expanses. "Devonny must have done a number on me..."

"I'm sorry." he said. 

"What for? It happens." I said casually.

I heard Donovan sigh on the other end. I curled the cord around my index finger and played with the coils. "I did that." he said, flat yet sounding stressed. "After that Dragon wounded you... You were weak. I needed to have your body listen to me when I was healing you and... Your defenses were tough."

I listened to him. "And why can't I close this up?" I asked, looking at the perimeter.

"Because I imprinted on you." he sighed. 

"What? Like a kitten to their mom?" I chuckled. "Gotta hand it to you, you are growing on me, Dr. Malinda." When my chuckles subsided it was oddly quiet on Donovan's end. I cleared my throat, and apologised. "Sorry, wanna explain what happened?"

"When I was regraphing your ribs your brain must have excepted me as your mate and--"

"Huh?" I sat there for a bit. My brow scrunched up and I closed my eyes. "Is that what happened?" 

"I know, I'm very sorry for doing that to you." Donovan said, "I'll help you redo your barriers, but don't do anything right now could be damaging."

"Hey, did you hear me?" I said, but he kind of droned on about closing the hole and saying the link needed to be severed properly or there would be brain damage on both ends. It was kind of... nice... having someone worry about me. Sure, Ro or Linden would look out for me, but this... was different. It was sweet, and for some odd reason, hurt a bit.

"Hey! Donovan! Shut up for like two seconds!" I shouted into the mouthpiece. Donovan was quiet on his end. "I was meaning to ask you about that, like, I heard Moonie and Brandon talking about it... I'm pretty sure that... imprinting thing? Yeah, that happened days before the dragon."

"Huh?" So this was news to him. That was a surprise. 

"When I hit my head?" I reached up and pulled a book off the pile, then flipped through the pages. "....I'm going to send you some stuff, that's how this works, yeah?"

"Not sure. This is the first time I've used this method." he said, "What makes you think it was then and not during the healing session...? You were much more receptive to me in that vulnerable state..."

"Well, who knew the classy, Doctor Malinda was such a pervert." I chuckled. I pulled another book off the pile and opened it. I reached in the book, and pulled out a crossbow, loaded with a grappling hook and a line of rope that was barely the thickness of a pinky. "....I'm sending another line. Can you give me something to aim at?"

"You've done this before?" Donovan asked, but as I looked out into the void I saw small lights off into the distance. It looked like starlight in the massive expanse of space. I braced my legs on the crown molding that was in the lower part of the wall and aimed the massive device. There was minimal kickback, and the arrow sailed through the air. There was a distance and definite sound of contact and the line went taught. After securing the rope to a doorknob, I hooked a basket to the rope, and another line was tied to the basket so it wouldn't crash when I let it loose on the line. 

"Like...when I was young." I said softly, cradling the receiver between my shoulder and ear.

I loaded the basket with a book and then gently pushed it. It gained momentum and went down the line. ".....You loved him?"

"I was stupid." I said offhandedly, ".... the hole needs to go. As much as I like Devonny, and you, I don't like having my forms or emotions on strings to tug." I listened as Donovan shifted through the papers, sounds of agreement heard on his end. "...but... I'll craft a window or something... I'll even keep the phone."

"This page is what you wanted me to see?" he asked. 

"Yeah. Usually I just... think, look and study a form." I said, looking at my pink palms in rememberance of that day. "But after looking at you and hitting my head, scales and claws." I pulled my legs from under me, and sat criss-cross-apple sauce to wake them up. "And I was able to shift into the Wyvern-- first mythical thing I ever pulled, so I kind of connected the dots."

"Clever girl." Donovan let out a breath I hadn't been aware he was holding. 

"....I bet you're only talking to me so you don't stress eat." I snickered.

Donovan let out a noise, a gasp of feigned surprised. "Do you think I have no self control, Miss Sinclaire?"

"All I know is cookies are delicious." I shrugged. "Soooo does that mean... we're mates or something?"

"Where'd you hear that?" Donovan asked quickly.

"Internet." I shrugged. "Werewolf and vampire fiction is rampant."

Donovan let out a noise that I took as disappointment. "Those things are such garbage."

"Anyways, you said we were going out when you come home?" I played with the coil again. I coiled the plastic around my fingers, looking out into the darkness at the single star in the distance. "Are we going like, on a date date, to a place and a movie or arewe just going to hang out at the house?"

"That might be postponed for a bit... I'll have some people swing by and return your family to their home." Donovan said evenly, I heard him turning pages in my book. "....You have quite a collection."

"My forms? Quit peaking." I said, pouting some. 

"....I'm writing something down in here for you." he said. I heard the scratch of something on paper, then the clap of the book closing. "A gift for the time being, and something to say sorry for all of this." 

I sat on the floor, and watched as the line bobbed, signalling something being put in the basket. I think I could actually get used to sharing stuff like this. I would need to rearrange the shelving, and put some space around for an actual dolley and pully system. And something to reinforce the phone line. I pulled the brake-line and the basket came back to me. I looked at the book I had sent over, and noticed the binding had changed some. The spine was reinforce and looked like it was bound in leather and metal. 

Holding a place was a long tassely bookmark. I tugged at the rope and the book open to show me what Donovan had done. They were drawings and it took me a moment to get what I was looking at. 

"Woah." I laughed, smiling, "This is... awesome.... You've actually seen one of these? Wait. How old are you?"

"Only a few centuries..." Donovan said nonchalantly. I looked at the book, then the phone. "I've been on archeological digs, Sinclaire."

"Oh." I said, gnawing on my lip. "But seriously, how old are you?"

"...A little older than America." He responded, still dodging my questions. "We'll talk about this when I get home, alright?"

"Alright." I pushed the book into it's proper place on the shelf. It stuck out like a sore them with it's ornate binding and spine. The lights in my hall flickered. "I'm waking up, so I guess this is goodbye for now."

"Goodbye," a smile in his voice.

"Love you." I said, without really thinking about it. There was an awkward pause on both ends, "Good bye!" I slammed down the receiver, getting a loud sound from the bell inside the device. 

My eyes opened and I stared at the ceiling in the dark. It was high up and the sky lights let in murky grey morning light. Rain pelted the glass, the smell of rain filled my nose. 

I held my hand to my face, a blush burning my cheeks and forehead well over my ears. I said, "I Love you," or "Love you" to everyone when I ended a call, but when I said it just then it felt like it had a lot more gravity to it. 

Like, Donovan was on some other level of man, probably bordering on Godly, and here I was, bumbling over the hole in my head, calling him bro, and mimicking his dragon with some lousy attempt that at best would be a weak counterfeit. 

I had been holding my breath, wishing the events back so that I could stop embarrassing myself in front of him. I let it out, delfating from the pressure with a low groan. 

"I am such," my voice cracked from just waking up, " fucking idiot."

I looked around on the couch, and found my limbs entangled with the kids. Lacey was curled into my side, wedged securely in the cushions of the couch and the seat. Simmy was laying across my hip (the one that wasn't injured), her little fingers tangled in the collar of my dress, her legs secured around my hips so she didn't slip. Randy was cradled in my one arm, using my shoulder as a pillow and snoring softly in my ear. 

I peaked between my fingers at all of them, then sighed. With much resistance (they really like to cuddle the doofs), I pealed their small forms off me and made my way to the kitchen. On the counter, the coffee machine percalated. The bubbling and boiling noises melding with the sound of light rain. It was a good way to wake up.

I poured myself a mug, then topped it off with milk and two three sugars. I stirred it carefully, leaning on the counter to gather my thoughts in the dark. I sipped gingerly, and noticed that the noise of rainfall was alot clearer in the kitchen then it was in the livingroom. I looked at the window above the sink, it was closed. The windows around the table and dining area were too. As I was walking across the tile from the table to the island, my footing slipped from under me and coffee was sloshed onto my hands.

I hissed between my teeth, and glared at the liquid. I stared down at the puddle I had walked into. Someone had left the patio door open. I reached out, gripping the handle. The locking mechanism jiggled in my grasp.

"That's been busted for quite a while." a voice behind me replied. "They need to get on that soon."

Donovan had said something about someone coming by the house. "Yeah." I said, closing the door and putting my mug on the counter. "Eck. Ow."

"You alright?" he said, sounding concerned. Lighting flashed off in the distance, a few moments later thunder rattled the windows and revirberated through my ribs. 

"Just my hands." I mumbled, wiping them on a kitchen towel. "Would you like a cup of coffee?"

In the dimlight I saw his outline. He was sitting at the table, and I wondered how I could miss him. Sitting down, I could see he was tall. His shoulders were broad, and draped over his head was a towel to dry his hair. He held up his mug for me to see.

"Thankyou, but I already helped myself." he chuckled. I got the same feeling when I met the others, cold feeling in my gut. I dismissed it as just feeling their power and being naturally intimidated. That had been happening... Alot.... Lately.

I went to stand by the counter, waiting for the coffee maker to finish so I could pour another mug. I turned to look at the clock on the stock, but the digital numbers weren't on. 

"The power must be out." I mumbled. "What time is it?"

The man had been rubbing his head with the towel he had, but stopped when I addressed him. He tugged the towel back some, and looked at a watch he had strapped to his wrist. 

"A little after six," he said. "Sure is dark out there."

I sipped my mug, nodding in agreement. 

"You're alot different than I'd thought you'd be." he said,  drinking his coffee as he removed the towel from his head. In the dark, I saw the outline of his head, his wet hair spiking in every direction comically. I saw a strong chin, a prominent brow, and a set of eyes that glowed a deep green color. 

Were Moonie and Devonny running their mouths about me? I wouldn't put it past them.... They seemed like the kind of women who would talk about how weird I was. Knocking people out and smearing blood on the walls.

Lighting flashed behind me, illuminating the entire kitchen and showing me the face of my guest. He had a handsome face, as perfect as any work done by Michelangelo himself.

The only flaw of his his exemplory features was a deep scar that was over his left eye. From the bridge of his nose towards his temple, it looked like someone had tried to gouge out his eye.

My heart felt like it was in my throat, then it dropped to the pit of my stomach. 

"How nice to see you again." He grinned, showing off sharp teeth. "Miss Wyvern."
Medical request by flickrBLITZshimmer
Medical request
Someone from FA's character, Charlize, patching up someone who won't stop with the noise >:C

...eyebrows.... <3
Reluctant by flickrBLITZshimmer



My Reluctant Bride, Gwynne, who hates the man who is her fiancee.Her hands are manacled behind her back. They're behind her back, because the last time they were infront of her, two guards were strangled and she almost made it out the castle.



Jazzy Jazz
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United States
joined dA during my freshman year of highschool. fell in love with it, and all the things on it. :iconjazmynmoon21: I'm currently obsessed with 80s fashion, like Jem and the Holograms. I love Thai, Japanese, and Filipino food. I do not like food where people don't know how to use curry. I work in Photoshop, SAI and MS Paint. Half the time when I comment, I do not capitalize.

I am also an amateur writer. I write how I speak and it is exciting, clich'e and probably grammatically incorrect.

I also have beautiful hair. :iconiloveitplz:

Current Residence: city of the Tiger
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Large.
Favourite genre of music: lots.
Favourite style of art: lots.
MP3 player of choice: iPod mini
Favourite cartoon character: Ryoko Hakubi, Chase Young
Personal Quote: "We have strawberries! Fuck yeah!"
recap over the last few weeks:

  • went to a con
  • reached money goal for new tablet
  • had to go to the clinic
  • spent all money on healthcare
  • changed diet, sleeping patterns, got better/healthy
  • bought extensively cheaper tablet with what was left
  • starting school in a couple weeks
  • tornado warnings.
thassit. peace out.
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I need a new tablet/Laptop. The one I’m looking at is $150, maybe less if I shop around. I’m just really tired of using my brother’s laptop for typing papers and my sister’s tablet for work.

You can see all my stuff at my deviantART. I will be offering traditionals and digitals. 

can draw:

  • anime
  • original characters
  • Anthropomorphic/Weres
  • monsters/Gore
  • Chibis/Distorted Proportions
  • Ferals/Animals
  • SFW and NSFW

Pencil and Inks- $1-10, Double details $5-15 

Colored pencils- $5-15, Double details $10-20

Digitals- full colored,

  • SD/Chibi-$5
  • headshot/busts-$10
  • waist ups- $15-20
  • full bodies-$25+
  • profiles and such will start at $35 and cap at $55, and include two full bodies, three detail close ups and two head shots

Other things

  1. Shading is free and all you have to do is ask.
  2. backgrounds will be $5 for minor (Princess Serenity), $10 if it’s detailed.
  3. I am open to negotiate, but be in mind that I am doing this for a goal

I’ve reached 145 watchers, and in the future will hold an art raffle. For me to do that, I’d need my own work space (hence the new tablet shopping) and this would be really good considering I’m going to college and it would also help pay for things like books, my courses and other stuff. 

reblogs and boosts would be nice. thanks for the time.

I also do comic pages

  • Traditional-b/w $10-12
  • Traditional-colored $12-15
  • Digitals-$15+

added styles:

  • MLP
  • Adventure time
  • Surreallism
  • Disney-esque
  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Listening to: Ed Sheeran: I See Fire
This chick! With a Partner~!!!
It's going to be called 

Moo and Moonie's Artshop 

offering inked sketches, and a full array of colored traditional works
 ranging in mediums from colored pencils to water colors.
Works like:
Sister Portrait by DarkMewMewSunSister Splash by DarkMewMewSunSkullcandy Dude by DarkMewMewSun

REDONE JazmynMoon21's Avatar Colored by DarkMewMewSunBee and PuppyCat by DarkMewMewSunAkuOreo trade, Aren't you a Pretty Kitty? by flickrBLITZshimmerThe King has Arrived by flickrBLITZshimmer

Cartoon animals/Anthros
MLP: Celestia by flickrBLITZshimmerAudie by flickrBLITZshimmerChesire Cat by DarkMewMewSun

little doodles/chibis/babies
ADVENTURE TIME FLOP! by DarkMewMewSunGangsta PuppyCat and Bee by DarkMewMewSunLook at that cute little spit by flickrBLITZshimmerSailors! by flickrBLITZshimmer

What's going on Flickr?
What is with all this clutter? Well, for the past few months, 
I have been going on and on about reopening commissions.
Well, I'm not that great at somethings, and DarkMewMewSun 
is a cool broseph who I've been advertising for views all summer.

I draw quickly, specialize in animals, and cute anime faces. 
Mew does great realism, coloring, and handsome men.
We're going to combine and compliment our skills.
I will draw, Mew will color, edit drawings, and I'll finish with touch ups and highlights.
And in the end, you get a beautiful work of art
that will no doubt meet you satisfaction.

How much? 
Well, here's the beginning rates. 
pencils (with shading and highlights) and penwork
headshot, $5
bust, $10
hips up, $15
full body, $20

colored pencil
headshot, $6-8
bust, $10-19
hips up, $25-30
full body, $30-40
*character sheets, $45-65

Water colors, gel pens
headshot, $18 
bust, $23-28
hips up, $28-33
full body, $35-45
*character sheets, $50-65

**Character sheets-References will include two full bodies, a close up of a side or 3/4 of the face,
Vaniin by flickrBLITZshimmerVanindross, *corrected* by flickrBLITZshimmer
3 close ups of physical details (clothing, tattoos, scars, eyes etc). Written or typed details will be included.
Huntress Jazmyn ref wip by flickrBLITZshimmer
Added rotations, and close ups are extra.


Backgrounds are an added $15
Day Dreaming Bee and PuppyCat by DarkMewMewSun
How do I get in on this?
Comment or drop a note
references: (links, character sheets, written descriptions, something to say what it looks like)
style you want: anime, realistic, abstract, furry, etc
do you need this delivered to a specific time?

edit: more stuff!

You also get the choice of whose style you would prefer:
:icondarkmewmewsun: or :iconflickrblitzshimmer:

Currently, paypal only.

Styles/Subjects Offered
My Little Pony
mild Horror
Pinups (pg-13)
Food, still life
Realism to Cartoon
Cartoon to Realism

I :iconflickrblitzshimmer: offer NSFW and horror/Gore stuff, Mew does not. We would do manga/comic pages, but that would be very costly to you, and time consuming for us, and we're not quite ready for that.

:heart: Hope to here from you soon guys :heart:

1. open
2. open
3. open
4. open
5. open

Requests: full
trades: open
  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Listening to: Ed Sheeran: I See Fire

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