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He stared at the ceiling, then over at the cuffs that kept his restrained to the bed. He had an eye on the IV that was providing him with fluid for the past few hours. It wasn't draining properly, which meant something was either blocking the line, or he needed a new needle.

Not like these assholes would give him proper medical care. He just hoped when this was over he wasn't septic, or worse, gangrene. 

"Ah, you're awake." a voice spoke. "So glad your fever broke." 

"Fuck off," he ground out, exhausted and in no way feeling well. His back was radiating pain,  and the bullet wounds in his shoulder and hip were agonizing. They took out the bullets, but they weren't using the right painkillers. Anesthesia was fine, they put him under all right, but when he woke up there was no one around to check on him. The binds alone were enough to make him edgy. 

"I just wanted to say congratulations," she flipped through the click board, reading reports and scribbling down notes. "And thank you for the contribution to our organization." 

He wondered how well his stitches were, they hurt like fucking hell. He was glad neither of his sisters were in this hell hole. 

"Would you like to know anything while you're down here?" she said, sounding rather chipper. 

Linden turned his head, fire coursing down his spine and radiating through his shoulder blades and tale bone. "Why the fuck am I here."

"You are an anomaly among humans." she said, edging closer and lowering her clip board as she spoke with him. She was petite, bright eyed and looked like she was excited to be here. Brown hair, trimmed in a neat bowl cut, with red square rimmed glasses. Fair skin and dressed in a white doctor's coat over a dark brown pencil skirt and light blue blouse. "You're really an astonishing specimen!"

He spat in her face. 

"I'm a person, you dumb slut." he growled. 

She frowned, wiping the saliva off his face. With a flick of her wrist she motioned a pair of orderlies into the room. One pulled a syringe from the pockets of his scrubs, the other checked the bag of IV fluid. 

"I was merely being friendly." she said, voice now tight. "I'll be glad when rude little boys like you are sold in parts."

Linden's eyes widened. He screamed, and thrashed hard on the hospital bed. The railing buckled, and the cuff tore from the massive tiger paw that was now on the bed. The claws flexed and in a moment the bedding was filling the air. He twisted, and the cuffs came off like balloon ribbons.  His front left arm was free, and his right leg.

The needle was jammed in his arm instead of the IV line, and the orderly was sent flying. The shift was incomplete as his raised heart rate worked against him. His still bound limbs were numb as the anesthesia worked it's way through his veins. 

He huffed, and flopped back onto the bed, the stripes and fur  fading into his light brown skin. 

"What the fuck is going on in here?" the head doctor called. She walked in with black pumps and her blonde hair done up in a high ponytail. She took one look at the shapeshifter, breathing unevenly on the bed, then the orderly who was sprawled across the room to the other one who was bleeding from a cut in his brow. 

Her eyes went to the younger scientist, who had a death grip on her clip board. Her lilac colored eyes flashed and she struck the petite brunette in the head with a firm palm. 

"You go and work up the subjects, and they end up in the goddamn morgue, Ivy," she spat, "You work under me, and if I find out I lose another specimen, because of your fuck ups, I will make sure you end up shoveling animal waste at some make-up production factory in Cambodia."

Ivy nodded, head lowered. She yanked the clipboard from her hands, skimming over the notes. Armed guards recurred the subject, known as Linden Sinclaire this time noting to have reinforced cuffs.

Dr. Esm'e Ramone stared at the paper work for a bit longer, "We're sure this is correct?"

Dr. Ramone showed Dr. Karen Ivy the documents, and the brunette nodded, "It's what the public record says."

She watched as the man was wheeled into another room. Somewhere on lock down. "Multiple forms. Interesting," she sneered, "Make sure the IV drip is working. We don't want him dehydrated. And seeming as how hostile he is, we most likely won't be letting him up until after we break him in."

"Yes Ma'am." the guard saluted.

Ramone handed off the paperwork to another orderly. She cast a glance at Ivy just as her personal assistant walked in toting a pair of tablets, encased in soft leather and suede. He handed them off to each doctor, then slid out his out smart device. A phone that was just as narrow as any android of apple product, but slightly longer length wise.

"We have another sect filled." he said, thumbing through his smart device as the doctors went through the reports. "Two charter  schools, a high school, and two of the colleges are complying with our demands."

Dr. Ramone nodded. "The sooner we can round all those little monsters in one place, the sooner we can get them under control."

Ivy made a face, then glanced at a sink. "I'm going to go wash my face, then I'll be back on rounds." she said, looking at Dr. Ramone for the go ahead. 

The taller, blonde woman nodded her head, and the brunette went off to do what she said she would. The halls smelled of antiseptic and floral air fresheners that weren't too overwhelming. She passed closed door with people shouting or weeping, demanding answers for why they were here. She found one of the Doctor's lounges, then passed into the room to the far corner where the ladies' bathroom was.

Tall mirrors, flowers, rich coffee and red velvet colored walls and matching plush couches. She removed her glasses, began running the water, and looked over the expanse of facial washes, lotions, and toners. Dr Ivy chose a gentle scrub and began washing her face.

She held power in the building and it was pretty new that one of the subjects had ever spit at her. They were usually too blazed out of their minds, or under control like a dog on a leash. Sandexon owned a few buildings and each one was its own well oiled machine.

She toweled off her face, then reached over for her glasses. The spot she had left them were empty. Dr Ivy looked at the towel where she had left them, and frowned. She bent to look around the faucet, sink, then finally on the floor. 

Someone grabbed her by her hair and yanked her up. She cried out, but a hand clasped over her lips and nose, a rag pressed close. She brought her legs up and kicked off the counter, sending her and her attacker stumbling. He held the rag clasped over her mouth, firmly. She scrambled, trying to breath and pull away. She clawed at his hand, a bitter sweet taste thick in her mouth.

She stared as her reflection in the mirror adjusted her glasses and smiled at her.



I tossed my short bowl cut and glared at the mirror. I touched the straight across bangs, then tugged at the ends that just barely covered my ears.

"I look like Velma." i said, adjusting the glasses then looking at my partner as he duct taped the woman's legs and arms. He used a bandana, clean, tied as a gag to keep her from choking on her tongue. 

'Rendezvous in the West tower.' A voice called in my head. I instinctively touched my ear for a blue tooth but found none. I took one last look at the woman, then myself in the mirror. I was a perfect copy.

'If anything goes awry, we're sending in a shock and aw.' a man's voice chimed in my head. 

I shot my partner a thumbs up. He set the woman on the toilet, making sure her unconscious form didn't fall to the floor. He flexed his hands, then clawed into the wall. It shimmered and he climbed through the portal. 

I adjusted the Doctor's coat, sprayed a bit of the body mist they had on hand, and walked out. There were some other doctors in the lounge, a few of them snickering behind their hands.

"Heard you let one of the mongrels spit on you?" on of the women sneered. "Hope you don't get herpes."

"That would be your department, Valerie." I grinned viciously, "but I heard you like to get things done the old fashion way...?"

The woman with straight black hair glared at me. She was pretty and I only regret it a little bit at what I said. "If you'll excuse me... Some of work for a living."

I tossed my short hair and walked out the lounge. I fingered the Multi-access badge that was clipped to the doctor's coat. In the pockets were two hard candies, two click pens, and a bottle of excedrine. 

'How's everything on your end, Miss Gidget.' I sent the question to our contact. We had a team of less than twenty five people, including myself. Four teams of people that consisted of a close range offense, a long range offense, defense, healer, and communication relay. The last five were Cosma as psychic-coordinator, Logan as supervisor, me and Hawthorne as on the floor infiltration, and the one that made sure we all made it out alive, Gidget. 

If you walked in on this, you'd think this was some role playing game or some first person shooter. 

Cosma had linked us all, telepathically, with a crystal. It was small, and fit as a stud on each of our ears. They opened up our heads, like someone opening windows to a house. Each relay and call was organized and reached it's destination easily. They were safe, as they had been perfected after years of testing. That meant, no one getting messages from people they didn't want, no one could go in someone's head without consent, and no one getting their heads blown of.

'How's the security, Gidget?' I walked with confidence in the woman's shoes. She was short and small and so little, but I read the file. She was high ranking in the company, new to this specific building, but held power. That also meant if I got lost, it wouldn't be that much of a red flag. 

'I'm isolating the building. So far I have forty-five percent.' Gidget said, her voice chipper. 'How goes the convoy?'

'Lacking.' I responded. 'Hawthorne is scoping out the terrain, and getting the others in place as we speak.'

'Alright. Well, your target is on lockdown.' Gidget said, pausing for a moment. 'I'm counting another hundred from that list, and growing.' 

I paused in front of a hospital room, picking up the clip board and keeping my tongue. I was currently in the men's wing, and the ages of the people on this section ranged from elementary school kids to college aged men. 

They were either strapped down, and drugged up to keep docile. A lot of the younger ones were in tears begging for their parents. I walked in, looked over a few people, and acted like I knew what I was doing.

I said a few shitty things, and made two kids bawl. As I walked out, two orderlies walked in.

One of them wore the same crystal studs as me.


Gidget yawned and stretched her arms above her head. She looked around the room that on one side had a massive mother board, surrounded by cooling units and air filtration center. She picked up her water pouch and took a swig out the straw. It was pressurized so the only way to get the water out was to un screw it, or suck it out through the straw. Ergo: No spills.

She held a hand over table top that was a touch screen computer. All the files and data she was harvesting from the company was copied, and a decoy was left in it's place. Private files, birth certificates, Social security numbers, names, phone numbers, everything.

Sandexon, a branch of a multimillion dollar weapons and defense company, had a shoddy mainframe. It was isolated, and had firewalls up the wazoo, but the only thing that kept those Firewalls up, was a constant relay. A scan every five minutes, and if something happened, an instant reboot within thirty seconds. 

But before all that hacking, the woman had snaked her way in the system via email. One of the staff couldn't help texting his beau about their night's steamy escapades. From there, she weaved through the computers, tablets, and all cellular devices, leaving small undetectable Trojans or Malware. 

They kept tabs on everything, and she painstakingly worked her way up, further isolating the system. 

'I've been through most of the halls. Where is Lock Down?' Sam asked, her voice tickling the back of Gidget's head. It was a weird feeling, a sensation between conscious dreaming and someone whispering in your ear. 

Gidget hovered her hands over the table top, reading the map of the facility, then where Ivy's badge was last scanned. "....Basement two.... Room.... Five-eight-two... Hey, hang back a bit, I don't have eyes and ears down their yet."

'Do you have basement one mapped?' Sam asked back, a slight edge in her voice. 

"I'm barely tipping sixty percent of the entire building... And that's with a couple terabytes boosting me." Gidget snapped back. "If I go any faster, I could burn something out.Give me twenty minutes."

'Twenty?' there was annoyance, and fear. 'That's so long.'

"They don't perform modifications when people are in lock down." Gidget said, grinding her teeth. She felt Sam let out a sigh of relief, her heart rattling nervously in her chest. "Now fucking ease up or take some lithium, I can feel your anxiety and it's getting my palms sweaty."

'Sorry.' the shapeshifter murmured. As she said that, Gidget fell Sam's connection weaken back to just hearing her voice and not feeling her emotions. Ugh, this was why she preferred electronics to magic, waaaay too much feedback.

"Do a walk around. Hawthorne is using his earrings as beacons to touch down all over the place." Gidget touched the massive table top and small colorful pins popped up on the luminescent surface. The device was infused with power, tech, and magic. She was the main conduit, the earrings served as GPS, and every phone in the building served as a satellite.

"I have enough RAM to take down these assholes before lunch... So just... give me some breathing room." The technopath raised her hands from the surface, stretching her arms above her head, "Alright, Barbie?"

'Ugh, Yeah.' Sam responded, 'Get me when you've mapped out the area. And--'

A sudden burst of light exploded behind Gidget's eyes and she let out a cry. She gripped her head, one eye shut tight as she glared at the screen. The entire tablet top computer blinked and the maps warped. "HOLY FUCK!"

The most painful migraine ripped through her head. She fought the backs of her earrings, tearing them off before slamming her palm on a section on the computer. 

The doors to her work area opened, and a few telepaths walked in followed by the bossy blonde. Gidget's nose bled and she looked through squinted eyes at the vampire.

"Someone smashed my connection." Gidget was given a towel. She leaned back and fell into her cushiony chair, head tilted forward to let the blood gush. 

".....Send down the orders." Cosma barked to the telepath to her left. "We have more than enough information to get them out."

Someone stood in the doorway, looking in at them. They wore very clean, office attire, a three piece pinstripe woman's suit, pencil skirt, windsor knot tie and stiletto heels. The woman was all business and her appearance screamed, "Top Bitch."

Cosma lowered her eyes when the woman looked at her, as did the telepaths. She motioned a healer in, and she spoke in an air of authority. Gidget heard none of it, over the sound of ocean waves that were rolling back and forth in her ears.

Gidget swallowed. Technology was so much easier compared to magic. So much easier.


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joined dA during my freshman year of highschool. fell in love with it, and all the things on it. :iconjazmynmoon21:

I do a lot of different things. Writing, ceramic, digital art, traditional, paper crafts-- I dabble in everything and find what I like. And share it for you all to enjoy. You may not repost my artwork on any other websites. I have a tumblr, and post artwork there as well so you could reblog them.

Favourite genre of music: House Dance (late 90s early 2000)
Favourite style of art:
MP3 player of choice: my Huawei
Favourite cartoon character: Ryoko Hakubi, Chase Young, Amethyst from SU, Tommy from Power Rangers, Pizzazz from Jem and the Holograms,
I got a Princess Ai coloring book, and that put me in the mood to do some lineart. 
things I'm gonna do:
  • story requests (halfway done with most of them)
  • tutorial on how I colored the Nouveau/Mucha style pictures (got quite a few inquiries, so I'm happy to share what I know)
  • manga linearts
there are other stuff, but I can't really think of them off the top of my head. Feel free to ask about commissions and trades. Requests are on closed. I'll probably open them when I get the stories done. 

Happy Holidays Chicadees~!
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recap over the last few weeks:

  • went to a con
  • reached money goal for new tablet
  • had to go to the clinic
  • spent all money on healthcare
  • changed diet, sleeping patterns, got better/healthy
  • bought extensively cheaper tablet with what was left
  • starting school in a couple weeks
  • tornado warnings.
thassit. peace out.
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I need a new tablet/Laptop. The one I’m looking at is $150, maybe less if I shop around. I’m just really tired of using my brother’s laptop for typing papers and my sister’s tablet for work.

You can see all my stuff at my deviantART. I will be offering traditionals and digitals. 

can draw:

  • anime
  • original characters
  • Anthropomorphic/Weres
  • monsters/Gore
  • Chibis/Distorted Proportions
  • Ferals/Animals
  • SFW and NSFW

Pencil and Inks- $1-10, Double details $5-15 

Colored pencils- $5-15, Double details $10-20

Digitals- full colored,

  • SD/Chibi-$5
  • headshot/busts-$10
  • waist ups- $15-20
  • full bodies-$25+
  • profiles and such will start at $35 and cap at $55, and include two full bodies, three detail close ups and two head shots

Other things

  1. Shading is free and all you have to do is ask.
  2. backgrounds will be $5 for minor (Princess Serenity), $10 if it’s detailed.
  3. I am open to negotiate, but be in mind that I am doing this for a goal

I’ve reached 145 watchers, and in the future will hold an art raffle. For me to do that, I’d need my own work space (hence the new tablet shopping) and this would be really good considering I’m going to college and it would also help pay for things like books, my courses and other stuff. 

reblogs and boosts would be nice. thanks for the time.

I also do comic pages

  • Traditional-b/w $10-12
  • Traditional-colored $12-15
  • Digitals-$15+

added styles:

  • MLP
  • Adventure time
  • Surreallism
  • Disney-esque
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