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I stretched my arms above my head, moving to tug my blanket up to my chin. Water splashed and I sputtered as it went up my nose. I blinked, regaining awareness of where I was. Mirrors, lights shaped like lilies, black granite counter tops, and I was in a bathtub. I wiggled my toes, then my legs.

"Geez this is deep... how did I not..." I felt around and found the other person in the tub with me.

He drew in a breath, smacking his lips.

"What time is it?" he asked, clearing his throat. Donovan put his palms on the rim of the tub and tried to stand up. I was on top of him so it was a bit awkward.

"Hold on hold on hold on!" I put one leg out the tub, then started sliding out. His hands held onto my forearms so I didn't fall flat on my face on the tiled floor.

I sat on the floor and stared at the floor. I scrambled to get to my robe, then to where the towels were. I dropped on one the floor for Donovan to step out on. He stood up and I was not prepared for that, oh sweet Lord I was not.

Muscles and skin, he was a beautiful God. Along his perfect frame were claw marks, and wire thin scars. They curled around his shoulders, from the underside of right shoulder blade up to his collar bone. A perfect claw mark trio trailed from his hip up to star shaped punctures that ended in the middle of his ribs on the left side. Mark on his thighs were either wire thin, spiraling from one side of his leg to the other, or four pointed stars that were here and there.

I glanced down and my my my he was just blessed in every department. Donovan took the towel from me and as if to torment me, began toweling off his hair.

I spun out the bathroom, bounding to the bedroom. I looked at the clothes Cosma had given me. She didn't give me underwear! Just the dress, shoes and jewelry!

"Why the rush?" Donovan had another towel secured around his hips.

"Cosma! And your parents!" I tugged the dress on and was ready to move out the door. I opened it to find it dim and the only lights one were small and too far in between. The windows at the end of the hall on either end were dark. It was night. We had slept the entire afternoon away.

Donovan pushed the door closed and sighed. "You were going out there, like that?"

"What wrong with the dress?" I snapped.

He rolled his eyes, then lead me along, his hand on the small of my back.

"Your hair is still soaking wet. It still has shampoo in it." he said, sounding irritated, "And there is no way in hell I'm letting you run around with no underwear on."

I tugged nervously at the hem of the dress. "I would have stopped off at Cosma's room... Gotten some stuff."

"Well it's too late now. I'm pretty sure Devonny got her kids, and everyone is lights out for the day," he said.

Donovan nudged me back in the bathroom. There was a hose and shower head for the bathtub. I leaned over with a tower over my shoulders and he rinsed off my hair. I wrung out when he was finished, then he did the same to himself. He looked at different bottles, then poured some into his hands. He reached over and massaged more citrus scented stuff into my head.

I worked my fingers through, and just felt rotten.

"Your parents probably think I'm a wreck." I mumbled.

Donovan glanced at me from the corner of his eye, using the towel to further dry his hair.

"They don't really care for things like this."

"Your dad seemed nice and uuuugh." I held my arms away from my face, clawing at empty air. "I ruined it!"

Donovan sighed. He reached down, tugging at the hem of my dress. I reached down to stop him. "....You can't wear this to bed. It'll be uncomfortable." he said, giving me a look.

"What am I gonna wear then, Mr Malinda." I frowned at him.

Donovan let go, and we walked back to the bedroom. He opened drawers and found sweats and tees, each in some sort of neutral or calming color. They looked like they would fit him, and be gowns on me. No boxers or briefs, or any sort of clothing for women though. I blew a raspberry at it all.

I flopped on the bed, face down. I wanted to just drown in the bedding. I had made an absolute embarrassment of myself, and Donovan. "Uuuuugh....!"

"Hey. I said you're not sleeping in that," I heard Donovan scold me. Great. Now he was ticked off at me.

"Just leave me to suffer." I said dramatically. "Cosma can-- OYE! NO!"

I felt him pull the dress up, and him pressing against my back.

"The hell are you doing!" I snarled, getting my arms and head trapped in the sleeves and body of the dress.

I felt one hand rest on my hip, then a knee press in the back of my thigh.

"Trying to get-- great... Come here, I can't do this while you're lying down." Donovan said.

"Why are you trying to get it off me when I'm lying down! I'm stuck now. Let me die." I lay in place, not helping him. The pressure on the back of my legs moved and I heard him walk around to the other side of the bed.

"Where are your arms?" he felt around, trying to free my arms of the sleeves. "Here we go."

I was freed and was switched so I was lying on my back now. I sighed, watching upside down as Donovan turned the dress right side out, and put it on a hanger. He had pulled on a pair of sweats and a shirt was beside me to wear. I lay on the bed, naked, watching him.

"Are you going to get dressed?" he asked, not looking at me.

I kept looking at Donovan. Thoughts spinning in my head. He reached for the shirt and pat my stomach. I didn't move, so he pat a bit harder. I jut up and he somehow put the shirt on me. I frowned as he turned off the lamp and started to climb into bed.

".......Hey."  I said after a long while.

"Mhmm." Donovan looked at me in the dark. I could see him perfectly, and I'm pretty sure he could see me.

"Why me." I said finally. That's what had been bothering me for the past few days. That's what had been bothering me since day one. "How'd you choose me."

"I didn't... Mates don't choose each other." He sat up, towering over me. "You didn't even want me to touch you the first time we."

"I did." I blurted out. "I felt a cold thing in my gut that said, 'Don't let him touch you. Don't touch him, if you do, you won't be able to let go'."

My face burned when I just word vomited all over this moment.

"And all the different shifts, were just bubbling under my skin; and I learned that wyvern from you, and I'm like almost a hundred percent sure that was my body copying yours for procreation purposes."

I was freaking him out. Donovan hadn't said anything, he just stared at me because I was just going nuts.

"And I love your family, they're pretty rad. Especially the kids. Alister's crew are weird, but I enjoy their company so I'm just super bummed I totally ruined this meeting with your super powerful parents, who think I'm a complete and utter disaster of a thing."

I felt lips on my mouth and a hand gripping the back of my neck. "Calm down." he breathed, against my mouth. I felt like I was on fire, spark exploding in my stomach and down in my--

"I came."

He sputtered, drawing back a few inches to look in my eyes.

"Whenever you fucking heal me." I said, wiping my mouth with my hand. I was drooling. "I get noodly legs and my lady bits just go.... Boom."

".......Then I guess I should fix that." Donovan's voice was low and gravelly. I reached out for him and we met for another kiss.

He reached with his other arm, encircling me and pulling me down onto the sheets. There was some battle with the blankets, I'm pretty sure I was the one to shred the comforter. I was under him, legs resting on his hips, and his mouth biting on my throat.

"H-hey wait--" I let out a soft giggle, the feeling of teeth applying pressure on my skin had me writhing.

"hmm." Donovan grunted, grabbed the bottom of my shirt and pulling it upward.

I pulled away, once again getting my arms tangled in my shirt. "L-lock the door." I managed. The neck hole of the shirt was secured at my nose, everything below it exposed for kisses and biting. The bed rocked as Donovan hurriedly climbed off and did as I asked.

I began to move, to get it off, but Donovan was there again, his hands on my elbows to stop me. Lips were on my chin, and I felt teeth again. I shivered under him, then felt finger tips skimming over on stomach.

"W-what are you doing." I said, unable to get my arms down because Donovan held them in place with one hand.

"....You're scratched up." he snickered. "Should patch you up before anything fun happens." Donovan traced a line over  my hip, and warmth flooded the area. I squirmed, biting my lip to keep in a groan.

I heard him laughing, then his hands on my hips to get me back to where I was before. My legs rested on his thighs.

"What's so funny." I tried to sound mean, but it came out as a whine.

He leaned in close, I felt his warm breath on my neck and ear. "I've barely done anything and you're like this," he chuckled.

Donovan's free hand circled under me, touching scratches and scrapes. Every small heal sent vibrations through me. Between my joints, around my muscles, through my ribs and ending between my thighs to make me buck against him.

I breathed heavily, and murmured swears at him. Donovan kissed down my neck, biting my shoulder and across my collar bone. His tongue went over any spot where he bit me. Donovan trailed down, kisses and nipping along the center of my chest.

I felt his teeth lightly sink onto the side of my breast, release, slowly traveling to the center of it.

"No no no no no!" I whined, sounding hoarse. His tongue swept over the area and then the shirt was tugged off.

I saw his golden eyes, practically glowing in the dark and staring at me. My hands, now free, went to cover my face.

"Nope." Donovan pinned my arms again, this time just holding my wrists above my head. "You make too many cute noises for me not to see that face of yours."

I pouted at him. "Shuddup!" I snapped, embarrassed. Dononva chuckled, then opened his mouth. I saw teeth and felt his breath on me. I shut my eyes tight, looking away from his eyes.

I swallowed, expecting another kiss, or a lick or a bite-- but nothing. I opened one eye and caught him grinning at me.

"Eyes open, yeah?" his breath was warm on my skin. I glared at him. His other hand went over my stomach, fingers trailing like butterfly kisses over my belly button. My toes curled. Donovan went over my thighs, causing me to twitch.

I glared at him, then slowly opened my other eye. A sly smile crossed his face. He opened his mouth, and secured his teeth around my nipple.

"Thank you." he said between his teeth.

Sensation rocketed through the nerves from my breast, to my spine then to my core between my legs. He bit me, and kept a firm grip as he pulled at my breast. He let go with a soft 'pop' of his mouth. He did the same to the other, leaving nothing neglected. I squirmed and writhed, my hands opening and closing as I trying to claw on something, anything.

Donovan's hand that had been tracing my skin, now paused, pushing my legs apart. I blinked, trying to see past the stars and sparks. He released my arms, and immediately I threw them around his neck to pull him in for another kiss.

He rested his forehead on my mine, pulling back a bit to breath. His stupid smile was getting on my nerves. I bent my leg, trying to use my toes to tug at his pants.

"Off," I said. I felt his hand going between my legs, feeling my up. "Off!"

"Gotta make sure... you're..." Donovan panted, but I shut him up with more kisses. I bit his lower lip, making him groan. His eyes fluttered, so I tugged a bit and growled again.

"OFF." I said, one arm around his neck the other fiddling with his waist band. They came off, and we were a tangle of limbs. He leaned in, hungry insatiable kisses.

I traced over the scars on his arms and chest. One of his hands was rubbing a circling around my pearl. His teeth nipped on my neck, a throaty breath near my ear.

"I'll go slow." were the words I heard. He bit my ear and that was a distraction.

Donovan pushed in little by little and I felt the world fall apart at the seams. I froze, breathing hard and clawing at him. Panic began setting in and I let out a little strangle noise.

He was looking at me, scanning my face. "Sam...What... Am I...does it hurt?" he sat up, starting to pull away. I arched against him, slapping my hands over my mouth.

I felt my skin begin to ripple and threaten to shift. Something vicious with claws. HE'S TRYING TO HURT US! No no no! C-CALM DOWN! stop it!

I whimpered, looking up at him. I reached out, Donovan was okay. Safe Safe safe. B-big dragon.


"You're mine." I said quietly.

"....Yes... Are you alright?" he asked, turning into my hand to kiss my palm. He held my wrist and nuzzled me. "If I'm too big we can stop."

"......And I'm yours, yeeh?" I asked, voice very small. He nodded, gnawing on my thumb.

"Yeeh." he sighed. Donovan gently inter wove our fingers and sort of pinned them above my head. Another kiss, and he slowly began moving his hips. I pulled away to breath, vision spinning. I swore and slurred words. He was adamant about eye contact, but I couldn't do it.

Donovan released my hands, and stopped a moment. I opened one eye to look at him, and felt his grip behind my knees. I swallowed and yelped like a hurt dog. He slowed to see if that noise was negative, but with a sharp grin knew that was the reaction he wanted.

"Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!"

I clawed at the pillows above my head, claws shredding them and feathers stuck to my skin. He was hitting the perfect spot and nothing made sense. Up was down. Red was blue. It took me a moment to realize the high pitch squeaks were not coming from the bed but from me.

He sped up.

I pulled at my hair, and flailed to grasp something. I tangled my fingers in Donovan's hair and forced his mouth on mine. I let go of my hair and held onto him. My nails sunk into his back and I pulled.

"Ow," his voice grated out.

"I'm dying you're killing me...!" words tumbled out my mouth, a mix of whimpers and cries. I arched, holding on tight, clawing his back and bucking to meet his thrusts. Another kiss, and I tasted blood.


He stared down at her, touching his lip delicately. "You shredded my lip," he panted, smirking down at her. Sam's eyes were closed, her breathing slow. She couldn't possibly be asleep. He reached out and rubbed her stomach.

"Mhmm," she murmured. Sam opened her eyes and they were the definite eyes of a satisfied predator.

"Why'd you stawp." she said, her voice sounding like honey to his ears.

"....You did a number on my back." Donovan reached back and brought his finger tips to her. Dampened with sweat and blood. "No more claws."

"B-but...." Sam pouted her full lips at him. Donovan leaned down, giving her another kiss. This was soft, as only to give her a taste. She licked her lips and looked up at him with predatory eyes.

He rubbed her stomach, then down a bit to get feelings back in her limbs. Thighs, legs, and finally groin. He was still hard, she was still wide awake and looking at him like he was a piece of meat. Heh.

A wicked grin spread across his face, and he gently slapped her full thigh.

"....On your knees." Donovan purred. She looked up at him, looking very coy. He lowered himself for another kiss, trailing her chin then her neck to rest near her ear. "Or perhaps... You'd like to be on top?"

Donovan felt her shiver, and a hand gently push him off. She opted for the first command, hands and knees with her rear elevated some. Donovan reached forward, pushing her hair off her back and combing his fingers over her skin. Along her spine were scales and small spikes. He ran his index finger down the crocodile like skin, armor to protect her spinal column and tail bone area.

She looked over her shoulder at him, leaning into him.

"What are you doing?" she pushed her hair out of her face. It was voluminous and was easily trapping heat. Donovan leaned over her smaller form, kissing and nibbling her shoulders as he rubbed against her rear.

"Should I be flattered?" he breathed on her ear, making her duck her head.

"For what!" she whined, glaring at him. Or at least she tried; those dark eyes of hers held just as much irritation as they did lust.

Donovan touched down her arms, every spot her stroked a bloom of pointed scales rippled, then disappeared. He wasn't doing it, she was. Sam looked at her arm, and did a little shake. The armor smoothed back into her soft skin, her face showing off her embarrassment.

He aligned himself with her entrance, and from their vigorous session moment before, slipped in easily.The softest of moans spilled from her mouth and her hands opened and closed around fistfuls of blankets. Donovan had one hand on her hips, rocking her back into him as he thrust forward.

Donovan ran his fingers through her hair, keep it off her back, keep her from over heating. She was hot, molten lava down in her core. He sped up, thrusting into her and biting her shoulder and neck.

"No no nononono....!" it was a high pitched tone that he was not aware she could make. He followed up the love bites, with nuzzling and kisses.

Donovan thrusted harder, gripping her waist and pulling her towards him. She buried her face, and made a low cry into the mattress, her pants ending with a squeal that dear god.

She was his mate. And he was hers. He hit her rear with a hard slap and she cried out into the bed, going ridged and turning into a vice around his member. Expert fingers massaged the tender flesh, complete putty in his skilled hands.

His breaths came out in pants, ragged and tasting of copper. He swept his tongue over his lips. Donovan found no injury to his own lips, and found the coppery scent coming from a series of teeth mark's on Sam's shoulder.

Donovan's hips slowed for a moment, only to find Sam push back on him viciously. She gripped the bedding by her head, face down, panting and shaking. Donovan leaned on his forearms, mouth near her ear again.

His movements were hard and deep, and from her cries it was the way she liked. Between her meeting his thrusts, and the magma that was just overwhelming to his anatomy, they were in perfect sync. He saw a flash of her eyes, and in a moment she was pulling on his hair.

Sam pressed her mouth on his, violent tremors went through her body, a vice on him.

"Fuuuuuuuuuck," she groaned against his mouth, eyes shut tight. Donovan pressed his forehead against her, shivering to go along with her twisting.

He lifted himself up on shaking arms, and watched as she collapsed into a puddle on the bed. He moved his legs, so to just sit for a moment, wiping his face of sweat and looking at the absolutely demolished blankets. He smirked, thinking it served Alister right for kidnapping his siblings and his mate.

Donovan caught sight of the blood and felt his stomach drop. He had clawed into her hips, leaving perfect lines on her once perfect thighs. He looked at his hands and found they were tipped with black talons. Donovan gently touching the marks, but Sam whined.

"Leebit," her voice was slurred, exhausted. She waved for him to come closer. Donovan leaned foreword, his hair was grabbed once again and she pulled him to lie next to him.

He saw the same scaled digits, ending with black talons tangled in his hair, gripping the pillows. Sam looked at him with unfocused eyes. Donovan kissed her knuckles.
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Plans get cancelled, so Sam and Donovan spend the night in. 


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joined dA during my freshman year of highschool. fell in love with it, and all the things on it. :iconjazmynmoon21: I'm currently obsessed with 80s fashion, like Jem and the Holograms. I love Thai, Japanese, and Filipino food. I do not like food where people don't know how to use curry. I work in Photoshop, SAI and MS Paint. Half the time when I comment, I do not capitalize.

I am also an amateur writer. I write how I speak and it is exciting, clich'e and probably grammatically incorrect.

I also have beautiful hair. :iconiloveitplz:

Current Residence: city of the Tiger
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I got a Princess Ai coloring book, and that put me in the mood to do some lineart. 
things I'm gonna do:
  • story requests (halfway done with most of them)
  • tutorial on how I colored the Nouveau/Mucha style pictures (got quite a few inquiries, so I'm happy to share what I know)
  • manga linearts
there are other stuff, but I can't really think of them off the top of my head. Feel free to ask about commissions and trades. Requests are on closed. I'll probably open them when I get the stories done. 

Happy Holidays Chicadees~!
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recap over the last few weeks:

  • went to a con
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  • spent all money on healthcare
  • changed diet, sleeping patterns, got better/healthy
  • bought extensively cheaper tablet with what was left
  • starting school in a couple weeks
  • tornado warnings.
thassit. peace out.
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I need a new tablet/Laptop. The one I’m looking at is $150, maybe less if I shop around. I’m just really tired of using my brother’s laptop for typing papers and my sister’s tablet for work.

You can see all my stuff at my deviantART. I will be offering traditionals and digitals. 

can draw:

  • anime
  • original characters
  • Anthropomorphic/Weres
  • monsters/Gore
  • Chibis/Distorted Proportions
  • Ferals/Animals
  • SFW and NSFW

Pencil and Inks- $1-10, Double details $5-15 

Colored pencils- $5-15, Double details $10-20

Digitals- full colored,

  • SD/Chibi-$5
  • headshot/busts-$10
  • waist ups- $15-20
  • full bodies-$25+
  • profiles and such will start at $35 and cap at $55, and include two full bodies, three detail close ups and two head shots

Other things

  1. Shading is free and all you have to do is ask.
  2. backgrounds will be $5 for minor (Princess Serenity), $10 if it’s detailed.
  3. I am open to negotiate, but be in mind that I am doing this for a goal

I’ve reached 145 watchers, and in the future will hold an art raffle. For me to do that, I’d need my own work space (hence the new tablet shopping) and this would be really good considering I’m going to college and it would also help pay for things like books, my courses and other stuff. 

reblogs and boosts would be nice. thanks for the time.

I also do comic pages

  • Traditional-b/w $10-12
  • Traditional-colored $12-15
  • Digitals-$15+

added styles:

  • MLP
  • Adventure time
  • Surreallism
  • Disney-esque
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