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I had the entire thing in my mind as I dressed. A good first impression, er, second, when meeting Alpha Buchanan and Alpha Da Xian. Donovan had given me a bit of a run down on their titles, and stuff, and the things Miss Jass had told me earlier were sticking too. As I was walking down from the third floor to the second floor. Alister's office was on the second floor, and Donovan had told me that's where everyone was for this meeting. When I got to the second floor landing, I found one of my guards waiting for me.

I wore a more conservative off white sweater, navy blue leggings and my hair was done up in a neat bun. I looked presentable. I looked professional. I really wanted them to like me.

He gave me a side glance, then looked towards stairs to the main floor. "You have a guest, Madam Al--"

I held up my hand. "If we're going to have all these honorifics thrown around, can we go with Miss Sam? Madam makes me sound like I know what I'm doing." I grinned up at him. 

The large vampire looked down at me. His blue eyes were gauging me, and after a few moments nodded.

"No hard feelings about earlier?" he asked, his voice even and low. 

I looked up at him. I narrowed my eyes and furrowed my brow. He pointed to his forehead, then motioned to me.

"....Oh! It was you!" I said, slapping my hands together in realization. This was the guy I had headbutt, and hurt myself on. "Daniel?"

"Danny." he had flinched at the noise my hands had made. 

"Yeah, whatever, I'm better now. All healed up and you said I had a guest?" I slapped his shoulder, making the guy cringe from the contact. 

"She's in the kitchen." Danny pointed. "It seemed urgent and Cosma thought you needed it."

I nodded, then continued down the stairs. I walked down the hallway, past the living room area and into the kitchen. 

Sitting at the table with a cup of tea, dressed in a white sleeveless blouse and long floral skirt, was my mother.

Imelda Reyes-Sinclaire looked up at me and I knew I was in deep shit with her. I had felt a chill down in my bones and my heart retreated deep in my gut. She motioned to the seat across from her. There was a tea pot and matching cup waiting for me. 

One of the other vampires, Tim, reached foreward and filled my cup. 

"So this is where you've been?" my mom said, her voice low. She sounded tired. "Playing house with these people?"

"I've... I got hurt and they patched me up."  I didn't want to tell her I got kidnapped and nearly killed twice. I stirred the red liquid in my cup with a delicate looking spoon. I frowned and looked at Tim, questioning what I was going to be drinking.

"Rose and chamomile," he said, looking flustered.

"Sorry for not calling you or Roanne, I lost my phone... How's everything?" I asked, keeping my tone even. 

Was she mad I hadn't called? Or that I had gotten them moved for a few days to a new place for a few days. That I had basically  cut myself off of all communications. 

"This isn't like highschool anymore, Jessamine." she said, my name sounding like a curse on her lips. Her mother language slipped, accent thick on my name. "You're not a little kid anymore! You can't just transform where ever and not expect for people to be okay with it!"

"....The video online." I said slowly. "I can have someone hack it and have all that stuff erased... Photos too, it's not that big a deal... And the school can be rebuilt..."

"Have you not been watching the news, Jessamine?" she finished her cup. Tim reached over to refill it, but she held up her hand like a military leader halting progress. "Of course you haven't... You've been up here, being pampered and frolicking in Lala Land all this time."

Mom held up the cup she had been using, showing me the delicate designs and colors. I looked at the cup, then my mom's face. She was studying the chinaware intently. 

"There was a raid." she said, her voice cold. Mom's dark brown eyes shifted and looked at me. "Sandexon loves to make a spectacle of everything they do."

I almost dropped my cup. My heart that was neatly settle in my stomach, was now in my feet. Cold fear dug its claws in my lungs and I felt my skin crawl as something fought to come out. I pushed the idea of shifting away and reached out for my mom's hand. 

"What about Linden! And Roanne?" I asked, stumbling over words.

"Roanne is with her friends and they're in Remine. We had to move into a new house." she said, as if I should know this. "It took me two damn days to even get anyone to take me here, Jessamine. Your new friends gave me the run around, and wouldn't let me call you."

Ro was resilient. She would adjust to where ever this knew place was.

"What about Linden?" I said I repeated.

"He was arrested," she said, her gaze holding my face. "Along with a ouple hundred other meta humans."

I pulled away slowly. It wasn't until I was moving away from my mom, that I noticed my fingers were tipped with claws. 

"That is what I'm talking about, Jessamine!" My mother slammed down her cup, the delicate china cracking and falling apart in front of her. "You go out and can't even control your powers and shit happens! Something always happens!"

I balled up my hands on my lap, feeling so much smaller. Before, when everyone was looking at me, that was embarrassment and a bit of nerves. This? My mother's voice was coated in disappointment and fear.

"You never think what would happen if someone saw you did you?" her voice raised. "Do you want to end up like your father?"

"Ma'am." Tim's voice cut in. 

"What." I snarled at him. My teeth felt sharp in my mouth. "Fuck." 

Tim motioned with his eyes towards my hands. I unfurled my fists to reveal my mutilated palms. Blood was pooled on the hem of my sweater, seeping into my leggings and making them darker. He grabbed a napkin off the table and formed a tourniquet to stop the bleeding.

"....I...Mom...." I tried quietly, words thick in my throat. "...Tim... Make sure my mother gets home safely." 

"That's not really...." he started, looming over me and casting a glance at my mom. "...I'll set up an escort and have it done, Ma'am."

She sat at the table, collecting the shattered cup in its saucer. I stood up, dusted off my sweater and squared my shoulders.

"If you'll excuse me... I have... a meeting to get to." I couldn't look at her anymore. I paused a moment, reaching out to hold onto the door frame. If I stopped moving I would collapse. "I'll fix this. I promise."

"mhmm." she said in response.

I walked and started up the stairs, fast little bounces as I moved on the balls of my feet. I stopped at the second landing and saw Miss Jass escorting her kids. 

They were dressed in little rain coats and matching rainboots. The twin looked adorable as little ducks. Miss Jass wore a pale blue slicker that was large enough so she could wear the front baby carrier for little Reyem. 

I held onto the banister, then beelined towards them instead of going up. 
"Miss Jass! Hey!" I dashed over, and saw her kind features turned confused.

She put her bag down and handed her umbrella over to one of the twins. She reached out and held my hand, turning it over delicately as she clucked her tongue.

"Did one of the boys tick you off?" she cooed. 

I shook my head. "Is.... Is your husband around?" I said. 

"You got blood on your shirt." one of the girls murmured. Her sister elbowed her, and told her to hush. 

"Is Logan around?" I repeated.

"He's doing rounds right now sweety... Are you okay?" Miss Jass pressed, trying to look me in the eye. 

I bit my lip and wondered how pitiful I looked. "Y-ya know what never mind thankyou." I yanked my hadns free and sprinted down the hall. I found Cosma stepping out of her room. I shoved her shoulders and we both stumbled back into her room.

"The fuck Malinda!" she yelled, her elbow had struck the ground pretty hard.

I closed the door behind me and grabbed her hands to yank her up. "You do raids, yeah?" 

Cosma looked at my hands, frowned, then squinted at me. "Why."

"I want to authorize one." I said quickly. 

"You don't have the power to--" Cosma started, when there was a knock at the door. Logan stepped inside, Miss Jass on his heals. 

"Sammy, sweety, what's wrong." Miss Jass pressed, her golden eyes scanning me. They went from my face to my hands, that were clawed and tied with Tim's handkerchief. The bleeding had stopped, but the cloth was already soaked red. 

Cosma motioned to close the door. She looked at me, then over at Logan and his wife. 

".....I'm only going to sanction this once." Cosma said slowly. "This is your get out of free card to use once, and only once, as the soon to be Madam Alpha." 

I nodded, looking at Cosma. She must have been talking with Logan through some sort of psychic channel because two seconds later, his green-hazel eyes were glaring at me. 

"What is it." he said carefully. 

I took one last look at my hands. Enough being out of control and being pushed around. "I want to order a raid."


Donovan had been sitting with his family, listening as Da Xian and Lacey talk about what she wanted to give up. What lands she was willing to part with and what she would keep for herself when she decided to have a family. 

It was going smoothly. Buchanan served as her overseer, and made sure she didn't just hand over everything. Lacey was also adamant about giving a share to Brandon.

Alistered cleared his throat and gave a look Donovan. 

He leaned in closer to his brother to speak in a hushed tone. "Your partner seems to be running late?" 

"She was fussing and her hair kept changing pink." Donovan said back with a soft chuckle. 

Alister clicked his tongue at that. "She ran around barking up a storm for Devonny's kids. She'll make a great sister."

"mhmm." Donovan glanced at the watch Alister let him borrow. She was taking quite a long time. "....If you'll excuse me... I'll just be a moment."

He stood up and moved to the door. When he opened it, he found Tim and his partner Danny standing there. Tim looked nervous, and Danny looked like he had something important to say. 

"Alpha Malinda." Tim spoke up, rubbing the back of his neck.

"You ward, Sam, where is she?" Donovan asked, a little annoyed. "Did she send you down to tell me she needed more time?"

".....She's currently... Indisposed."

"What." Donovan growled. "Indisposed? Because of her hair?"

Alister called from the large leather seat, "Tell her pink is a fine color and to just come down."

Danny shot a dirty look at Tim, "She... Left."

"She left." Donovan parroted, his anger rising. "And where... Who let her leave? We... She has to speak with Da Xian and Buchanan."

"Her mother came," Tim said quickly, "And apparently there was some sort of..."

"You prat! Her siblings and friends were captured in a raze." Danny snarled at Tim for dragging his feet. "The local government captured all the meta humans in the area and sent them off to prisons."

"And no one thought to come and get me?" Donovan said, cold anger lacing his voice. "Who is with her."

"Logan and Cosma." Danny said quickly. "She made a few calls to people."

"Where is Jasmine." he breathed.

He stepped out into the hall and began for the stairs. He saw the twins walking down the stairs in yellow raincoats and boots.

"Stay in the yard." Miss Jass called, walking back to their room with her own coat in her arms. She paused to look at him, "....Alpha Malinda."

"Where is Sam." he said, his tone hard. The command of an Alpha. She perked a brow, and stepped inside. She left the door open and went to hanging her coat and putting the bag beside Reyem's crib.

"She was very upset," she said carefully, rifling through her bags. She pulled out her cellular and began dialing. "But she's in good hands."

"I should be with her." Donovan almost snatched the phone out of her hands. 

Jass shrugged her shoulders, glancing over at her sleeping daughter. "Sometimes being separated from your mate is a good thing. Being too close this early could have some repercussions."

He eyed the vampire. She was turned young, and was most likely the only person in this house that could relate to Sam. They were probably the same age. 

The phone rang and there was a click as someone answered. It was a woman, not Cosma or anyone that sounded familiar.

"Malinda?" she inquired, her voice velvet.

"Who is this?" Donovan furled and unfurled his free hand repeatedly, warning off the shift. 

She dodged the question, "Your wife is with my people. We will have her back in... 32 hours."

"Who is this. I did not give permission for Cosma or Logan to move my mate off the property." Donovan ground out. 

"We are very good at our job, Sir." she said, her voice soft yet full of authority. "We will get them all to safety and your mate will return to you in one piece. We have a fairly good track record."

Donovan grit his teeth. "Too far from the point of no return?" 

"We're doing a massive migration. A few hundred kids alone." the woman replied, the sounds of papers shifting. 

"May I speak with her?" Donovan sighed, reaching up to rub the lids of his eyes. He felt a migraine coming on.

"All communications are limited to psychic link," she said. "And we are not in range."

Donovan pinched the bridge of his nose. "....Thirty-six hours?"

"Thirty two," the woman responded, "We'll keep you posted, Mr. Malinda."

"Who is this," Donovan ground his teeth, ready to bite someone's fucking head off. "So I'll know who to contact in a few hours?"

"Mercedes." she replied. "If you have any questions, my line is always open."

Donovan sighed. "Rendezvous?" 

"Classified," she replied, "I'll have to cut this call short as my higher ups are paging me, good day, Sir."

Miss Jass sat on the bed, holding a fussing Reyem in her lap. Without much care if Donovan stayed or left, she began breast feeding the babe. Reyem settled down, and Jass pat the bedding next to them. 

"....It's been a while since we've sat like this." Donovan said awkwardly, cradling the phone in his hands. 

"Five or six years," she said, stroking the dark brown curls back away from her daughter's face. "They grow up so fast."

He looked at the small round face, and brown hazel eyes stared back at him. Reyem reached out, then slapped his hand. She smiled around her mother's nipple, happy to have company. 

"....It's good to see that you're doing better," he said carefully.

Jass blew a raspberry, "What's that supposed to mean?"

Donovan wiggled a finger at the baby. "You're letting people hold this one... And you're letting me get this close during a feeding? Your first babies, you were vicious."

"I had just turned, may I remind you?" she chimed, "And besides.... I feel safe around people... Even with what happened last time." 

A sad look glossed over her eyes, but she smiled. "Now you're just playing... Ugh... I'll need a new shirt... Great Ree-Ree. Milkies all over your ones too!"

Reyem laughed, spilling warm milk over the front of both their clothes. Jass righted her baby, then fixed her shirt. There was a large milk stain on her stomach and under both breasts. 

She stood up then gently place Reyem on the bed. "Logan's with her, and Cosma called her brothers." Jass slid the wet clothes off little Reyem. She gave her a quick wipe down, then slid on the new ones. When she was partially clothed, she changed her diaper, fresh powder and a new diaper, and she was ready for action. 

"Hold her a moment?" Jass moved to the bathroom, grabbing a fresh change of clothes for herself. 

Donovan watched the little baby gum at a gummy ring that lit up slowly to the attention. Reyem screamed, making him jump and reach for her. The little baby stared up at him, eyes wide and happy. 

".... she does that. Scares Logan so much." she came out in her new clothes, throwing the dirty ones in the hamper. "He's more protective of this one than I am."

"She looks just like him." Donovan noted. Reyem continued to gum, and he noticed something about the little girl. "....No fangs yet?"

"We're not sure she'll have any." Jass said quietly, kneeling to rub Reyem's tummy. She lifted her up, then began rubbing her back. After a burp, she did more babbling and gumming. "How was your meeting?"

Donovan opened his mouth, and shook his head. "Postponed."
Monster WIP 2 by flickrBLITZshimmer
Monster WIP 2
Clean up the lines, choose which ones you want to keep. Tweek and look up more references for details. I changed the entire mouth and looked up animal mouths, and other artists for how they draw mouths with teeth. Also look up anatomy things. 


flickrBLITZshimmer's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
joined dA during my freshman year of highschool. fell in love with it, and all the things on it. :iconjazmynmoon21:

I do a lot of different things. Writing, ceramic, digital art, traditional, paper crafts-- I dabble in everything and find what I like. And share it for you all to enjoy. You may not repost my artwork on any other websites. I have a tumblr, and post artwork there as well so you could reblog them.

Favourite genre of music: House Dance (late 90s early 2000)
Favourite style of art:
MP3 player of choice: my Huawei
Favourite cartoon character: Ryoko Hakubi, Chase Young, Amethyst from SU, Tommy from Power Rangers, Pizzazz from Jem and the Holograms,
I got a Princess Ai coloring book, and that put me in the mood to do some lineart. 
things I'm gonna do:
  • story requests (halfway done with most of them)
  • tutorial on how I colored the Nouveau/Mucha style pictures (got quite a few inquiries, so I'm happy to share what I know)
  • manga linearts
there are other stuff, but I can't really think of them off the top of my head. Feel free to ask about commissions and trades. Requests are on closed. I'll probably open them when I get the stories done. 

Happy Holidays Chicadees~!
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recap over the last few weeks:

  • went to a con
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  • had to go to the clinic
  • spent all money on healthcare
  • changed diet, sleeping patterns, got better/healthy
  • bought extensively cheaper tablet with what was left
  • starting school in a couple weeks
  • tornado warnings.
thassit. peace out.
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I need a new tablet/Laptop. The one I’m looking at is $150, maybe less if I shop around. I’m just really tired of using my brother’s laptop for typing papers and my sister’s tablet for work.

You can see all my stuff at my deviantART. I will be offering traditionals and digitals. 

can draw:

  • anime
  • original characters
  • Anthropomorphic/Weres
  • monsters/Gore
  • Chibis/Distorted Proportions
  • Ferals/Animals
  • SFW and NSFW

Pencil and Inks- $1-10, Double details $5-15 

Colored pencils- $5-15, Double details $10-20

Digitals- full colored,

  • SD/Chibi-$5
  • headshot/busts-$10
  • waist ups- $15-20
  • full bodies-$25+
  • profiles and such will start at $35 and cap at $55, and include two full bodies, three detail close ups and two head shots

Other things

  1. Shading is free and all you have to do is ask.
  2. backgrounds will be $5 for minor (Princess Serenity), $10 if it’s detailed.
  3. I am open to negotiate, but be in mind that I am doing this for a goal

I’ve reached 145 watchers, and in the future will hold an art raffle. For me to do that, I’d need my own work space (hence the new tablet shopping) and this would be really good considering I’m going to college and it would also help pay for things like books, my courses and other stuff. 

reblogs and boosts would be nice. thanks for the time.

I also do comic pages

  • Traditional-b/w $10-12
  • Traditional-colored $12-15
  • Digitals-$15+

added styles:

  • MLP
  • Adventure time
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  • Disney-esque
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